Claimed (Vegas Nights Book 2) by Rayanna Jamison #mf #review @RayannaJamison @BlushingBooks

For a Hollywood heiress, Ruby Barrett has always lived a somewhat unsensational life. Her talent combined with her name had gotten her a good job, and she is engaged to marry the only boyfriend she has ever had. Her life is good – good enough to be some people’s dream, but she finds herself wanting more.

When she gets the opportunity to spend her twenty-fifth birthday at Rojo, a destination BDSM resort in Las Vegas, she knows she can’t pass up the opportunity – even if it means leaving her reluctant fiancé behind for good.

Jase Oliver lives life by his own rules. A club owner by day, and a confirmed bachelor by night, he has never felt the urge to settle down. He’s always known that happily ever after isn’t on the cards for him.
His playboy ways have never been an issue, yet suddenly he can’t help the feeling that something is missing. When his life is turned upside down by the arrival of a red-headed vixen, who just happens to be his best friend’s sister-in-law, he suddenly doesn’t know which way is up. Even as he fights his inner demons, he finds himself wanting the whole white picket fence shebang.

When Jase runs away, and her left behind fiancé chases her to Vegas, Ruby has a decision to make. Does her future lie in the past, with Trevor? Or in the present with Jase?

I had read the previous book in the series, but I do want to add that this book can be read as a standalone.  While yes, the couple from the previous book does have a solid presence in this story, it made perfect sense as to why.

Ruby was a good, complicated character.  While she thought she knew what she wanted, she was still afraid to change – even if it was a good change.  This does seem to read as a love triangle, but it did end up working out when you realize the relationship between Ruby and Trevor isn’t as picture perfect as it seems.

One huge thing that I loved about the book was while Jase and Ruby seemed to be perfect together, they ended up taking things super slow.  And honestly it worked for the two of them.  It wasn’t an overnight change by any means, but the changes were there slowly and it worked very well with the story.

I don’t want to give too much away because of spoilers, but I will say that I did still enjoy this story and it worked great in the series.

Overall – this was a great addition to the series, and I can’t wait to read more in the future.