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In Harm’s Way
Harm Boland has lived on the fringe of the biker culture his whole life. Not surprising since his grandfather was one of the founding members of the Hungry Ghosts motorcycle club. Two years ago he left his love Ellie behind and went on the road. Harm is called back home when his Oma Tam passes. He has promised to honor her and perform the rituals so she won’t wander as a ‘hungry ghost’. Suddenly, Ellie is on his doorstep and Harm is elated, but it is short-lived. Harm finds the darker paths he’s traveled on have caught up to him.

When Ellie is taken as payment by the leader of Hung Jury MC, Harm vows he won’t lose the woman he loves again. Raw, the leader of the Hungry Ghosts, once said, “You can’t out-ride love, Dutch-boy.” Now, he’s riding right to it.

Skulls 3X the Man
Skulls lost his heart to Maggie three years ago, then she was murdered. Although he got the guy, Skulls didn’t know his real identity. Maggie’s spirit has lingered because he can’t let go.

When the foul-mouthed Lexi walks into The Iron Horse, Skulls falls hard for her, not realizing she’s been sent to kill him. Lexi’s brother Dante is the leader of Hell’s Half-Hour MC and wants revenge for his younger brother’s death. Dante is holding Lexi’s son Luke to make her go after Skulls and do his dirty work for him.

When Lexi fails, Skulls and Raw, the leader of the Hungry Ghosts, realize a bigger plan is unfolding. Dante wants to acquire Skulls and his particular skill set into his MC and is using Lexi and Luke as pawns to do this. Skulls uses his mercenary skills to save Lexi’s son and any chance he might have of a life with Lexi.

Note: The stories in Hungry Ghosts MC were previously released by another publisher as individual titles but have been combined in a convenient e-boxed set. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14

So this review starts with 2 different disclaimers — I have never read anything before by Grant, and I’m not really usually a fan of MC type books.  However I did go into this book with open eyes and was actually shocked at how much I enjoyed the story.

With that being said – I was shocked at how these books have a paranormal aspect to them.  While it’s more obvious in In Harm’s Way than Skulls 3X the Man, it was still there and it was a really nice addition to the stories.

In Harm’s Way, was a story that was pretty straight forward and I liked that about it. It isn’t a read that is super complicated.  But instead it was a fun smooth read that I enjoyed.  I did like the relationship between Harm, his family and the MC club.  It was great to see that and see how much they actually do love and care about each other.

Skulls 3X the Man, was a fun read as well.  In this book we more get to see how serious and dangerous the bikers are.  Skull and Lexi were both good characters, and while I didn’t fully understand Lexi’s actions it seemed to work out best for them.  There were some parts of the story that did leave me scratching my head, but overall I did still enjoy it.

For this bundle I’d say that if your look for a good quick easy MC read then be sure to check this out.

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