Shadows Bundle by Brenda Cothern #mf #mm #mfm #mmf #review

Author Note: The stories in this novel have been previously published as separate books. They contain m/f, m/m, m/m/f and BDSM sexual practices and are intended for readers of legal age in the country in which they reside.

Soul Stealer
Born at the creation of time, the Soul Stealer feeds on the malevolent and immoral auras to survive. She has honed her skills by enticing her meals to lay with her.
But by attracting the attention of a soulless life-drinker, her very existence begins to change but will she allow it?

When Beasts Bite
Jordy, manager at Shadows and Nick, Ex-Special Forces and Marine instructor, are best friends. Both are garouls.
Everything changed when they accidently touched intimately; both enjoyed it. Neither will admit it. Jordy’s abducted and Nick must rescue him.
Will he be able to make Jordy remember his humanity & love?

Barely Restrained
Roni is the head bartender at the Tampa nightclub Shadows. All she wants is to date normal humans as she brings enough baggage to the table as a changer.
However, when her past comes calling and she kills her tormentor once and for all, what she thought she knew about her new lovers turns out to be a lie.
Surviving the punishment is the easy part but can she accept what her lovers are?

Embracing Sin
The Tampa nightclub Shadows, in Ybor City, has been more than just a place of employment for Sin. For the last year and a half she has waited tables at Shadows and has not had to look over her shoulder for the destroyers who constantly searched out her kind. Hidden among the others who were not ‘norm’, she knew she had finally found a home and the family she had never had before.
However, her boss Alec’s upcoming wedding has brought an influx of guests to the club; a destroyer amongst them.

Shattered Illusions
The Tampa nightclub Shadows, in Ybor City, is the refuge for those who are not quite normal. Simon finally found a home away from home where he ‘fit in’ but he was still the only single person in his new family. Being different made dating a nightmare.
John was still hung up on his best friend but when a bartender rescued him from a gay bashing; he never expected his life would go in such in a bizarre direction. Learning about himself and accepting who he was, was a challenge and one he wasn’t sure he could handle.

Soul Stealer – this is the first book in the bundle and I must say that Cothern started out with a HUGE bang! The story was one that kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going and more specifically what Kira was and how Alec played into the whole thing.  The relationship between the two had off the charts chemistry, and it was fun to follow along with Alec trying to figure out what Kira was, and what it meant to the two of them.

This story was one that kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting to know more! A great start to the series for sure.

When Beasts Bite — A fun read for sure.  Following along as Nick and Jorge were trying to figure out how to move from a friendship to something more when they were both only interested in each other.  This book shows the power of their friendship and how they ended up becoming friends to start.  The relationship between the two of them was slow going, and it still had me on the edge of my seat wondering if they would be able to work things out.

Watching as Nick was willing to risk his life to save Jorge was a great addition to the story. It showed how true their friendship was and how they were willing to risk all for each other.  Overall – a great addition to the series.

Barely Restrained – this book started out strange for me.  We know about Roni from the previous books and she did leave me interested in herself.  Things change drastically when she meets Zac and then later Hunter.  The relationship between Zac and Hunter was one that was completely different from the relationship with Roni, which I did enjoy.  The guys didn’t try to change Roni into something they wanted, but accepted her for the way she was and that worked for them.

Overall – another great addition to the series and I loved getting to follow along as the 3 of them figured things out for themselves. And when push comes to shove, Roni does find out that she can love a paranormal being.

Embracing Sin — Sin and Cham were both fun characters. I LOVED how they were both completely opposite yet they were wanting to work things out between them.  I also enjoyed how Sin wasn’t sure what Cham was, but she was still trying to use her powers on him.  There was a fair bit of drama when Cham’s twin, Kiel, shows up.  It was even more interesting to find out that Kira did have some power over them.  It only deepened the wonder about Kira and left me wondering even more about her past!

Overall – Sin and Cham were both great characters, and I can’t wait to read more about them.

Shattered Illusions – Once again Cothern has caught me off guard with this bundle!  This book was completely different from the previous books but it ended up working out great. One thing I do love about this bundle is how different each book is.  Simon’s character was one that kept me on the edge of my seat wondering more about him.  Getting to follow along with him and John, while Simon is trying to show John what he really is – that kept the story going.

I really loved that part of the book because we were shown even more about Simon’s past, and why he is the way that he is. Seeing John trying to come to terms with everything was also nice.  He wasn’t a guy who just took things at face value, he wanted to find out more about Simon and if he was crazy.  Overall – this was a great addition to the bundle and I can’t wait to read more from Cothern in the future!