Crocuta Crocuta (Bound Gods #5) by Adrienne Wilder #mm #review @Adrienne_Wilder

For a god, what could be closer to heaven than living in a safe haven like Sanctuary, with an endless supply of ambrosia, delivered by the beautiful bodies of the Doxies in Alton’s harem?

But unlike the majority of the gods in Sanctuary who are less than human, Cerberus isn’t exotic or fantastical. His appearance, his…habits…have become the horror stories whispered on the lips of Doxies.

And while Cerberus might be immortal, his pride is not indestructible. Seeing the love of a Doxie for a monster like the Chimera, shatters it.

A chance encounter with an undocumented Doxie named Owen begins to transform Cerberus’s life. At least until Alton removes Owen from Cerberus’s care, banning the god from training the boy—to protect him from Cerberus’s animal nature.

In reality, Alton’s motives are far more frightening. And the truth could kill Cerberus and Owen both.

Let me start by stressing, while this book diverts from the main characters we fell in love with in books one through four, it is a must for you to read the series in order to gain the dynamics of this series.  There are so many twists and pieces of fact, that hold true only to this plot, so if you miss even one of them, the rest of the series will not make sense and it would be a huge loss for you as the reader.

I fell in love with this story and the style of the author back at book one.  The way the author can take emotions and paint the reader a picture was overwhelming at times.  That was the case with Cerberus, who was a secondary character, always in the shadows, giving us enough to know he is there, yet leaving us wanting to understand him more.

Cerberus is part human and part hyena, leaving him looking like something that should be feared, not loved.  His needs could be met at the sanctuary, with the doxies in full supply, but he had heard the comments, the rumors floating around and he knows when he has sex, it is a battle between human and animal and often the act becomes brutal.  The human part of him longs to be accepted, cared for and more than that, he needs to be wanted, so he takes trips to places where he can pay for sex.  It isn’t close to what his heart needs, but it is better than having unwilling participants fill the job and talk later about his performance.

Owen knows what it is like to be unwanted, sold as a young child, living his adult life as a prostitute, he does what he needs to do to survive.  Often, he questions what he is trying to survive for.  Soon Owen realizes that Cerberus can fill the void, make him feel wanted but the costs will be heavy and maybe dying would have been better, or is it?  This is not a romance, nor will it always be happy, but it is the truth for Cerberus and Owen, the gritty, dark, ugly and painful reality, it is what they have endured, faced and what will define their future.

There is something very special about this author and their stories.  They are dark, detailed, intense and brutal, but you always know by the end of a book, you were handed the gift of empathy.  No other author I have read has been able to take an emotion and describe it in such detail, the reader feels as if they are drowning along with the character.  For someone to be able to put the physical and mental reactions to such feelings as loneliness, love, anger and make them as clear as the blue sky above us, is remarkable.  I have always said; Adrienne Wilder is the only person I know who could describe the color red to a blind person and teach them not only what the color looks like but how it feels.  The author digs deep into their soul and lays it all out for the reader with this series.  I will be a forever fan.