His Right Choice (Men of Falcon Pointe #4) by Thianna Durston #mm #spanking @ThiannaDurston @dreamspinners

Disclaimer MaleTAGNicholas Layton, fresh off his mission for the Mormon church, attends Falcon Pointe University with plans to enjoy his final year of freedom before he gives in and marries his long-term girlfriend. But when he meets a group of gay men, some of whom are ex-Mormons and some who practice loving physical discipline, he finds he is more comfortable with them than anywhere else. Suddenly, he’s straddling the line between good Mormon and gay man.

As an added bonus—or problem, depending—he meets Ethan Kierk, who is good-looking, fun to be around, and who wants to be with him. Nick tries not to think about dating a man, but he can’t help it. He wants Ethan, and that terrifies him.

To avoid his feelings, Nick steels himself to propose to his girlfriend but breaks things off at the last moment. Instead, he jumps headlong into a relationship with Ethan, and it feels so right—until he has to tell his family. When they reject him, he shares his darkest secret with Ethan, hoping Ethan won’t reject him too.

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So far, this is the last book in the series, and I must say that I do like how Durston ended it on a high note.  With all the young men in this series, I do feel like Nick is the one who didn’t “switch” his personality the quickest, which did make for this to be a good read for me.

While the chemistry between Nick and Ethan was very powerful, Nick wasn’t sure if he could fully digest the fact that he was gay.  It was nice to follow along as Nick and Ethan developed a friendship first before just jump into a relationship like the other books in the series.

It was also fun to get caught up on the previous couples.  It did seem at times like they overpowered the book, but since I had read the previous books it was a nice catch up.

Overall – this was another good book in the series and I hope that Durston does continue on with the series in the future.

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