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Disclaimer MaleTAGThrough blurry eyes, Noah Barloc stares out at a world torn asunder by chaos and war. He’s been wandering in it far too long, alone and starving. He slumps down beside the rubble of some building, prepared to accept the end. The shadowy figure of a man appears on the horizon right before Noah’s world goes dark. Noah awakens in this man’s home, and learns the world is not so broken as he thought. Mankind has built cities underground and is thriving. Noah looks to his savior, Ban Reed, for guidance in this new world.

Ban is a hardened survivor of the Last War. He makes his living building bionic limbs for other survivors who, like him, lost limbs to the War, and hides his true, caring nature behind a cold, sarcastic facade. But for reasons unknown to Noah and Ban’s friends, Ban invites Noah into his home to recuperate, and then teaches Noah the trade of building exceptional bionics so that he can support himself.

A recent bad breakup turns Ban from a one-man show into a loose cannon that brings home a new sexual partner every night. Noah has come to care for Ban, to see past his cold exterior into that warm, caramel center. Noah can’t stand hearing the sounds of Ban’s nightly sexual romps, and can’t help wondering why Ban refuses him when he’s the one willing to give Ban the love and devotion he knows deep down that Ban wants.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14April's Showering Words

A new way to look at the future, no zombies or flesh eating just a way of looking at the future and it’s end as we know it.

Ban is my hero, not perfect but all man and feelings.  He is a survivor of more then just the physical damage done to him during the Last War.  Snarky, surly and just plain male, he works to help people one at a time.  So when he finds a broken down Noah Barloc dieing he just have to save the man.  Once Noah is awake and on the road to recovery, he knows he must pay back the man who saved his life.  Noah is the boy next door, honest, reliable and lovable. So has he comes to grips with his feelings for the strange and sarcastic man, he must decide if he can be the stable one.  I just wanted to grab him and give him a hug.

I really enjoyed reading this story, and the new point of view.  It made for great reading and entertainment.  Would make a great series, for the other characters that bring so much realism to this story!

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