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Matthew Darcy is a romance writer in a rut. He’s been stuck on Chapter One of his new book for as long as he can remember, and so has his love life. But when his on-the-side job as a flower delivery guy puts him in the right place at the right time to save the life of billionaire banker Calvin Croft, Matt’s life takes an unexpected detour toward romance.

With billions to his name, Cal Croft has everything… except someone to love. But is Cal’s paparazzi-pursued life something that Matt is willing to take a chance on? Can a struggling romance writer who delivers flowers have anything in common with a handsome billionaire with his own Lear jet? And could the secret that Cal’s keeping tear these two lovers apart—just when their romance begins to blossom?

Ya know – to be honest I started this book thinking that it was just going to be a quick read, one that stuck to the formula and wasn’t really expecting to have any strong feelings either way towards it.


This book completely blew me away.  I honestly can’t tell you the last time I laughed os much while reading a book. I honestly didn’t want the book to end – but I’m also glad that it did because it ended so perfectly, that if there was anything else added to it, it would have taken away from the story.

Matt was just … he was perfect the way that he was.  And Cal was just different yet funny it was a great combination for the two of them.

But even though I did still love Matt and Cal, this book wasn’t about them completely.  Matt’s neighbors had a HUGE role in the book and to be honest, the book wouldn’t have been the same without them.  This book is most certainly a book that shows that it takes a neighborhood.  The love that you could feel from everyone in the book was just amazing.

This was a love story – but it wasn’t just a story about Matt and Cal.  It truly showed that there are a lot of different types of love, and how every type of love is special in its own way. I couldn’t recommend this book enough.


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  • Andrea Goodell

    Thanks Crystal!
    I’ve been a huge fan of Mr. Knight ever since I read his very first book to me ‘Harm’s Way’. I’ve been looking for something light and funny. Will be picking this up later!

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