Not Safe for Work by Charlotte Stein #mfm #review @SMPRomance

“Employees must maintain clear boundaries between personal and professional relationships and conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to the office…”

When Hartford brings in Abel Hernandez as the new CEO for his company Hartford Industries, he’s prepared for Abel to shake things up…but not quite like this and certainly not with his personal assistant Amy, the one woman he’s always wanted but never taken. He sees them breaking all of his precious rules, and he intends to reprimand them for it. The only problem is, it isn’t anger he feels towards his two most trusted employees…it’s possession. It’s desire.

Originally published in the Filthy & Rich box set, get ready for some #NSFW action in Charlotte Stein’s sizzling standalone novella featuring two billionaires and the woman caught between them. Not Safe for Work is your dirtiest boss-secretary fantasies come to life.

When three coworkers with a passion for each other get together, you get the circumstances that happened in this novel. While the passion was there, I felt as though it was forced and fell a little flat for me. Yes, Hartford and Abel were friends before Abel joined the company and seduced Hartford’s assistant, Amy. And, yes, Amy was a lot more open minded and kinky than her uptight demeanor let on, but adding Hartford into the mix did not comprehend to me. I wasn’t wowed by the dynamic or excited about the possibility of the ménage.

So, what was good about this book? The writing was well done and the characters were very well developed. Hartford and Abel had a strong connection as well as Hartford and Amy. It was the connection of the three I had a problem with, but that did not make it a bad book at all. I think any fan of a short ménage would enjoy this story. Unfortunately, I didn’t.