To Love and To Cherish (Vows #3) by Addison Albright #mm #review @addisonalbright

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Jilted by his fiancé two weeks before their wedding, Nash Marino’s outlook on life in general, and love in particular, is jaded. After months of couch-surfing, Nash is fed up. He’s sick and tired of his living conditions, worn out by the demands of his nursing job, and despairs of ever finding love again. In fact, he doesn’t think he’s capable of true love. Monogamy, commitment, companionship, and regular sex … that’s all he wants, and the sooner, the better.

When Nash crosses paths with a like-minded man who’s also in need of a live-in nurse for a beloved relative, Nash figures all his problems are solved. But matters are complicated by a freak accident and amnesia. When Nash’s marriage of convenience scheme is muddied by notions of love after his memory reboot, will their plans go awry, or will Nash’s new outlook on life be just what the doctor ordered? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14ruth-tag

To Love and to Cherish combines two classic romance plot lines in a unique twist. Nash Marino is an overworked nurse who is sleeping on a friend’s couch after his former fiancé’s husband was suddenly found alive after being presumed dead for several years. This prompted his former fiancé to resume his marriage and break off his relationship with Nash. This has left Nash’s personal life in tatters and his professional life isn’t much better. He loves his patients but is tired of the hospital bureaucracy and wants to get into private nursing.

Dr. Emmitt Burlingham is a surgeon at the hospital where Nash works who owns a reputation for being something of an asshole, and his recent divorce after coming out as gay isn’t helping his reputation or personality any. However, when Emmitt’s grandfather, Bernie, has a stroke and needs more care than Emmitt feels he can provide, Emmitt offers Nash a way to solve both his problems. Agree to a marriage of convenience and become a live-in caregiver for Emmitt’s grandfather. Both men have given up on love so it seems like the perfect solution, but before they can arrange it, Nash has an accident that leaves him with amnesia. He remembers nothing about the previous several months – not breaking up with his fiancée and certainly not his arrangement with Emmitt. The two men must get to know each other all over again and find themselves slowly but surely falling in love.

Truthfully, I have mixed feelings about this book. I love the characters. Bernie, in particular, is hilarious, and I enjoyed watching Emmitt and Nash discover each other and slowly fall in love. That being said, the plot itself leaves a lot to be desired. Both the accident that causes Nash’s amnesia and the reason given for Nash breaking up with his former fiancé are so unbelievable that they lean toward being ludicrous. I suspect the author was trying to be comical, but it was so outlandish it went right past funny and onto the arena of completely unbelievable. Also, Emmitt’s decision not to tell Nash about the original nature of their relationship didn’t make a lot of sense to me. It felt contrived, as though the author was artificially trying to manufacture conflict. Overall, the book feels average. It’s not a bad book, but it’s not particularly memorable either.

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