Deceiver: A Dark Revenge Romance (Dark #2) by Robin Lovett #mf #review @LovettRomance @SMPRomance

The plan was to ruin a man’s life. Not seduce the man’s daughter. But sometimes, the unlikeliest of people becomes the target. And sometimes revenge can make a man vulnerable in ways he didn’t know existed…

I’m bored. Tired of my meaningless life. The garden parties, the white sundresses, and politely saying “no” to the sliver of cake—it’s the life my mother and father wanted for me, worked tirelessly for me to have. And the monotony makes me reckless.

But when I go to Blake Vandershall’s party, his dark, menacing eyes and his hard, unyielding stare make me want things that have never been offered to me before. He’s the type who would ravish you in your father’s law office. The kind who would lie without blinking an eye in order to get what he wants.

And the repressed bad girl in me wants to give him what he needs.


Daisy Nowell is nothing to me.

I don’t care that underneath that blue-blood lifestyle, she’s burning to be unleashed. My victim is her father—the one man who had the chance to save my mother from a brutal fate. The coward did nothing, and it’s my turn to make his life a living hell.

He’s about to lose his precious daughter to me, a man whose sole mission is to destroy him. I’ll do anything, say anything, in order to tear this woman from her safe life as I hurtle down my path towards destruction. But I didn’t count on her seeing through me. I didn’t count on her tapping into my weaknesses, pushing my dark heart in ways I don’t want. Ways I hate.

I need to find a way to exact my vengeance and leave this all behind. Before this woman ruins me for good.

After reading book one in this dark trilogy, Stranger, I had become interested in this author and the style in which the stories are delivered.  I was intrigued to see what was going to come with book two, Deceiver, because I was engrossed with the Vandershall story after being introduced to Penny and hearing her side of the family drama.

Blake Vandershall not only upped the bar of intensity, the author took me on a whole new ride of sexual intensity fueled by anger and the hunger for revenge.  This series is proof of the saying “Sins of the Father” as Blake goes after the man who helped his own father commit the crimes that destroyed his family.  It is time now for Mr. Nowell, a rich and prominent man who has the love and admiration of his family, to pay for covering up for the monster Blake called father.

The only problem is Daisy Nowell is going to get in the way.  She is bored with her life and hates working in her father’s office, but with his health concerns, she feels it is her duty to make sure she can keep an eye on daddy and not allow him to push himself into a heart attack.  This boredom feeds the desires she feels when Blake appears in her life, but she certainly isn’t a saint.  No this girl has a streak of rebellion that she has no problem feeding on a daily basis.

He needs her, so he can make her father know what it is like to lose a piece of his soul and heart, but he never expected her to come so willingly, yet rebelling with every step.  Her mind says to run, her passion said to jump in to the lake known as Blake feet first.  Her father warns her to stay away, her sexual tension begs her to indulge.

The story takes off fast, from page one you get a sense of how things won’t go smooth when Daisy is involved, but can she be the one to tame the anger boiling inside Blake, or will she help him after she realizes what happen between their fathers? She could be yet another victim due to the sins committed in the prior generation.

I just have to say at this point, Robin Lovett has become one of my top five dark authors.  I wish I could verbalize just how unique her series is but I fear if I do, I will end up spoiling it for the reader, so pay attention to how she starts with one family tree, adds a few new branches and I anticipate, that by the time we are done with book three, we will find ourselves lost in a forest of pain, anger, lust and revenge that will keep us captivated long after the last page is read.  I know I can hardly wait for it.