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Sometimes getting on your knees leads down a path of salvation…and happily ever after.

Finding “the one” is never easy for anybody, but Bethany Carlson hasn’t even bothered looking for hers. Especially since finding a true submissive male is something that only exists in her deepest fantasies. That is until she meets Rig.

Rig Jenkins, a former college football hopeful turned strip club bouncer, is out for a night to escape the grind of daily life…and the past he can never quite forget. He isn’t looking for anyone or anything, but when he catches a glimpse of Bethany, and her girl-next-door appearance, he can’t help but want to know more.

Bethany knows immediately that Rig is the sort of man she could only dream of—strong, submissive and meant only for her. But is Rig strong enough to let her lead him to the place he was always meant to be?


I really enjoyed Dorothy F. Shaw’s Stripped Bounty and jumped at a chance to read this short story set in the same world. Rig (Colby Jenkins) is a bouncer in Stripped Bounty and had this vision of him in my head… and that was totally blown away with this short romance. I loved this inside look into who he was and what he wanted. I was skeptical when Bethany was introduced because I didn’t peg her as dominant. But when Rig was thinking about all the things he would do for Bethany if she commanded… *fans self* I was like, Bring It On. I loved that Bethany “saw” him, his pain, the gift of his honesty, and then asked for his real name. Bethany knew what she wanted, what type of relationship and partner and had been waiting a couple of years. Rig with all of his yes, ma’ams made her reconsider that there could be someone for her. The two of them were great together and their coming together was smoking hot. I loved every minute.


Dorothy F. Shaw did it again! I loved this story. Rig and Bethany finding their way to each other was awesome to watch. I really came to love Bethany and Rig will always have a place in my heart. I can’t wait to see what else the author has up her sleeve.

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