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Robert Ashton is in for the surprise of a lifetime. His mother, a bit of a rebel, raised him away from the rest of the family, and it’s not until he’s contacted by his lawyer about an inheritance that he learns who he truly is: the new Earl of Hantford. His legacy includes ownership of the historic Ashton Park Estate—which needs repairs Robert cannot afford. He’ll simply do what the nobility has done for centuries when in need of money. He’ll marry it.

Tech wizard Daniel Fabian is wealthy and successful. In fact, he has almost everything—except a title to make him worthy in the eyes of the old-money snobs he went to prep school with. His high school reunion is looming, and he’s determined to attend it as a member of the aristocracy.

That’s where Robert comes in.

Daniel has the money, Robert has the name, and both of them know they can help each other out. But their marriage of convenience has the potential to become a real love match—unless a threat to Daniel’s business ruins everything.

This review is hard for me to write, the audio was pleasant to listen too, but so many trivial things kept popping up that I found the overall enjoyment lacking in many areas.

I think this is the exception that this should be read only, not listen to. I think a lot of these would not be found by the average person in book form.

The story itself had a good baseline. An old idea, brought into modern times. An English gentleman by birth was left a title, a grand home but no money. An American from the wrong side of the tracks fought his way to the top and now has everything but the prestige he feels he’s life is somehow lacking. Together they strike a deal.  I’m a sucker for these stories and was charmed by the idea.

These two MC’s seemed to get along, and ‘on page, had chemistry’ or at least they kept having adult relations. However, I had a tough time seeing it. They were cordial enough but I felt they had so little time together and when they did, orders and demands were being issued about the state of things, how could they ‘fall in love?’ Maybe if it was longer? If we had more time to build an actual relationship. I enjoyed the mother being able to relive a childhood/young adulthood. And listening to the ideas of making the home beautiful again. I would have liked more details in that so we could have had a better end picture in our heads.

The other thing that nagged at me was this was a split international book, and I get that an American author wrote it. But besides a few coined words, and one very poor phrased sentence this was all American. We hold our British authors that write American books to lofty standards and I feel we should do the same when an American author tries to write a British one. Watching British shows on PBS does not make one an expert on all things British.


Overall, I felt like the story was too short, we started too many ‘projects, life events, potential relationship news’ and then the story ended.


I’ve heard this narrator several times before and he does a decent job. I’m not sure this was a good fit for him.  But like any professional you do the best with what you must work with.


Story 3

Narrator 4

Overall 3

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