Slow Heat by Leta Blake #mm #mpreg #review @letablake

Disclaimer MaleTAGA lustful young alpha meets his match in an older omega with a past.

Professor Vale Aman has crafted a good life for himself. An unbonded omega in his mid-thirties, he’s long since given up hope that he’ll meet a compatible alpha, let alone his destined mate. He’s fulfilled by his career, his poetry, his cat, and his friends.

When Jason Sabel, a much younger alpha, imprints on Vale in a shocking and public way, longings are ignited that can’t be ignored. Fighting their strong sexual urges, Jason and Vale must agree to contract with each other before they can consummate their passion.

But for Vale, being with Jason means giving up his independence and placing his future in the hands of an untested alpha–as well as facing the scars of his own tumultuous past. He isn’t sure it’s worth it. But Jason isn’t giving up his destined mate without a fight.

This is a stand alone gay romance novel, 118,000 words, with a strong HFN ending, as well as a well-crafted, non-shifter omegaverse, with alphas, betas, omegas, male pregnancy, heat, and knotting. Content warning for pregnancy loss and aftermath. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14

When the true spark of bonding strikes a young alpha, what’s an omega supposed to do but be calm and sooth him.  Vale is a mature omega who finds himself bonding to a 19 yr old alpha. Really, and his life was just how it made him happy. And so it starts the beginning of his new life, rather he wants to or not.

This story is heartbreaking and yet so full of innocent hope.  It will make you cry at times.  When I was reading I found myself laughing about the young and how differently my mind works from when I was young.  But being strong emotionally is something you are born with.  Jason has a deep well of strength plus the love and care of two parents who love him.  This makes him unique and sometimes a bit naive.  As they work for their future together, there is life standing in their way.  True love and stubbornness can make even the impossible come true!

A great story, must read for those of you who love a tear jerker.  I strongly recommend this beautifully written story!

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