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It was supposed to be a relaxing vacation but an accident soon finds Sara thrown into a world she never knew existed. Consumed by an intense, undeniable attraction for her rescuer, she is swept up in a whirlwind romance.

Jace has isolated himself from his pack and has left behind Caleb, his friend and lover. He is shocked to find the woman he rescued from the snow is his mate. She is human and his kind has never mated with humans before. The desire to claim her as his own is strong, but when she begins dreaming of Caleb, Jace realizes that she may be meant for both of them.

When a rival pack of lycans kidnap Sara, Jace and Caleb must discover why they’ve taken her and are save their mate.

Once Sara discovers what they are, can she truly be their mate and be able to live as a human among lycans? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14rachelle-tag

The beginning of Lycan’s Mate is something I’ve read many times before. Girl walks in on her boyfriend in bed with someone else and decides to take time for herself in a remote cabin only from an accident to happen along the way. This was a fairly quick read with some typical Lycan themes and a little bit of a difference in the Lycan lore to be intriguing. The big question throughout the story is, What is Sara?” It was sort of answered but not really. There were plot lines that were dropped and questions that were never answered, such as to why the Yellow-Claw pack kept attacking and what was done about it. I kept expecting something to come from these issues. Where the question about Sara received an unsatisfying one sentence answer in the Epilogue, the conflict around the Yellow-Claw got nothing. Jace left the pack because he was just as alpha as his twin, Ryan, and Jace worried that he would attack his brother because it was in the Lycan’s nature. But when he’s force back into the pack, this conflict isn’t shown. The issue was given a sentence or two here and there about Jace pushing down his wolf and going about his business with his brother as if it was something easy and not the hard conflict we were led to believe in the beginning. There was also a consistency issue because humans aren’t allowed to know or to mate with Lycans but Ryan revealed that it wasn’t always the case at the beginning of the story. Then the rest of the book happened to prove otherwise.


The sex was steamy but the plot was weak with so many holes, and I didn’t feel any connection between the three MCs. In fact, once Sara asked to be blood bonded to Caleb and Jace, she was miserable and unhappy for the rest of the book. The plot jumped from one relationship conflict to the next without allowing me to see how they resolved the issue. Jace or Caleb blamed themselves when Sara was just as culpable as they were. Without being shown an emotional connection between the three (outside of sex) it felt as if the relationship was doomed to fail, especially with how unhappy Sara seemed all the time.


All in all, this was an okay read but the open-ended issues and the lack of an emotional connection between the three detracted from the story and my enjoyment.

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