The Dom’s Way (Iron Eagle Gym #5) by Sean Michael #mm #review @seanmichael09 @dreamspinners

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Neal and Way from The Closet Boy are back, only now they’re Dom and sub, and exploring their relationship through the lifestyle. Way is eager to learn everything, and more in love with his master every day. For his part, Neal can’t believe how lucky he is to have found such an innocent but sensual boy.

As they learn what works best for them both, Way has trouble obeying some of the rules Neal imposes. Like the no touching himself rule. Neal wants Way to learn control, but Way, after so long holding back, has trouble not indulging. The two men must work together to find the balance that brings them each the most satisfaction and happiness. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14April's Showering Words

When Neal starts out this story he is loving this new relationship with Way.   He seems really soft on Way, not like a true BDSM master, yet again and again we are show that pain is not the only way to control a submissive.

This brings to mind how many people are different in what they desire.  Way is learning after being on his own from a young age.  He is emotionally stunted and Neil is right there when he needs guidance.  The dynamic between these two is instant and strong. The ability to give over all his worries to his Master.  Even within a group that outsiders don’t understand there is love and caring.

A different view of a true master and boy relationship with out the act of pain.  Control is a main factor for these two, Neil’s need to control and Way’s need to be controlled.   A true love story where Way can find himself a home, and Neil is given a man to care for.  Balance is what we all long for, love can’t survive without it.  The true test of a relationship is how to overcome life’s setbacks.

I was moved more than I expected to be, this story really hit home with me. Even though it is set in a dynamic that I am not involved in,  it still made me feel happy at the outcome.  It also has stunning sex scenes and shows the true meaning of friendship.

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