One Bullet by Casey Wolfe #mm #review @ninestarpress

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When Ethan Brant was shot, he found himself dealing with severe PTSD and unable to do his job as a police officer any longer. With the aid of Detective Shawn Greyson, the man who saved his life, Ethan not only finds himself again but discovers love as well.

Shawn’s life growing up was less than ideal, however, he overcame that to become who he is today. That doesn’t mean he isn’t missing something in his life. What Shawn hadn’t realized, upon first meeting, was that Ethan could give him all that and more.

One bullet changed both their lives.

When I think of the damage a bullet can cause it’s usually physical, but how do you cope with an emotional handicap.

This story goes to the heart of mental and emotional problems after the physical is healed. The characters are portrayed as a strong alpha type detective, and a scared of his own shadow victim. As the story progresses I got a new picture, our victim is one of the strongest men around! He survived when all the others didn’t. He is pushed back into the danger, and must face his fears. Some are real, some just blown our of proportion. Each one terrifying and only with the help of a hard nosed detective can he possibly come out the other side.

With all the danger and stress going on, it takes them both awhile to realize that the feelings they have for each other go much deeper then friends. This moved me on more then one level it is a great portrayal of how things can happen, and how true love can make things better. A great read, with real life issues.

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