As You Wish (Shatterproof Bond #1) by Isobel Starling #mm #AudioReview @isobel_starling

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1 wedding, 2 best men, one hell of a love story!

Declan Ramsay’s brother Oliver was marrying Annabelle Aiken at a fairy tale Castle on the banks of Loch Ness in Scotland. The bride and groom decided, so that he didn’t feel left out, Annabelle’s gay younger brother Sam Should share the best man duties with Declan.

Declan had never met the kid who was to be his joint best man.
Sam Aiken was abroad, working as an interpreter and finishing his studies. He wouldn’t meet Declan until a few days before the wedding, so the best men communicated and planned their speech by email for more than a year.

But on meeting Sam Aiken, Declan is surprised to realise the kid isn’t a kid at all, but a tall, blond and athletic young man. Declan is sure he’s straight, so he’s alarmed by the ferocious attraction he feels for Sam. And as the attraction is reciprocated, the events at Dunloch Castle change everything Declan has ever believed about himself.

But is Samuel Aiken all that he appears to be?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16

As You Wish starts out great. Sam is coming home from a couple years overseas from getting the last stuff he needed for his post-graduate degree in languages. He’s home to attend his sister’s wedding. Declan is on his way to the same wedding. As brother of the groom he has been working as a co-best man with Sam for over a year. Now he’ll get to meet the man he’s gotten to know through email. Declan thinks he’s straight, but Sam is about to change his mind.

The premise is captivating and definitely made me want to know how these two men of the world would find attraction in one another.

Unfortunately, from chapter 3 on, the story took a nose dive of a huge amount. While the first chapter separated their POVs, from chapter 2 on, the author started head hopping and once it started, it became constant. There were many parts where in the same paragraph, both characters spoke. Even worse, there were tiny, microscopic points of view from secondary characters that weren’t needed. We saw the bride watching her phone outside the castle and then… that was pretty much it from her point of view. We know Sam got a shave, but there wasn’t much in the realm of description once he did. All we really know is that he looked pretty bad with his beard. There was a lot of telling about the first two days of their relationship that we did not get to experience with them. Instead of being shown things that did not matter to the story, it would have been nice to be shown those moments when Declan and Sam connected.

Sam and Declan, both highly intelligent men of the world, acted like simpering girls when in their relationship. (And don’t get me started on the punishment sex.) The worst part, though, was when the entire story changed… with no foretelling. One moment Sam is a post-graduate student, the next he’s something completely different. Even worse, he brings Declan into this whole different world without giving him any forewarning and Declan goes willingly without thinking about what Sam did to him.

Completely implausible. Completely unbelievable. The only thing that somewhat saved the book was the narrator. He was fantastic with the voices and I will definitely be looking for other books narrated by him.

Story Rating: 2 stars

Narration Rating: 5 stars

Combined rating: 3 stars

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