Arrows Through Archer by Nash Summers #mm #review @nashvsummers

 After the loss of his parents, Archer Hart is consumed by grief. Each day, he struggles his way through classes, parties, and trying to put on a good front for the sake of his best friend. But at night, he falls asleep to the sound of gunshots ringing in his ears.

Mallory is a man fighting a war of emotions all his own. When his son invites his best friend back home to Banff over a college break, he’s happy for the company.

Some time during the late-night talks, subtle smiles, and long, long silences, the two men begin to find solace in one another.

But love isn’t always easy, especially when it strikes you straight through the heart.

Possible triggers/tags: grief, age difference, family, loss, mentions of suicide, recovery, hurt/comfort, homophobia april

Wow, the amount of pain a person can live through always stuns me.  There is alot of pain and frustration when reading this story.  Summers has really made this a book to remember.   The way that he portrayed the main characters and their connection is perfect.  The level of confusion and pure male stubbornness is just right.  I had was also surprised by the total lack of time I spent thinking about the age difference,  it just didn’t matter.  I was up till 4 am reading this one . I just couldn’t put it down!  A wonderfully written story!