Saving His Runaway Bride (Dark Embrace Book 2) by Sue Lyndon #mf #review #spanking @suelyndon


I don’t care that I’m almost twice her age.

One glance at Nora’s image, captured so perfectly on the small canvas, causes a surreal pang of warmth in my chest. Her expressive light blue eyes enchant the darkest parts of me.

As the months pass, that pang of warmth smolders to an all-consuming need to possess the girl in the painting. To claim her. To make her beg. To own her.

Soon those expressive blue eyes will look to me for guidance. Soon Nora will belong to me. I have so much to teach her…


I’ve made a terrible mistake, and now I’m headed to an auction block in a brutal mountain town. I should’ve been a good girl and married the man of Papa’s choosing, and now I’m going to pay for my sins.

Before I’m sold to the highest bidder, however, a handsome stranger rides out of nowhere and buys me from the slavers. I’m shocked to discover my new master is Luke Holsten–the very man to whom I was betrothed.

There’s no escaping the arranged marriage now, and my new husband is quick to make me understand that he expects not only obedience, but my absolute surrender…

Publisher’s Note: This book originally appeared in the box set Bound, Spanked & Loved under the title His Runaway Valentine, but several brand new (and shamelessly naughty scenes) have been added for your reading pleasure.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Crystal Marie_s RamblingsTAG

This was a really quick read for me.  Like really quick.  Thankfully, I knew that when I started and I was looking for a quick read that was still a good read.

That’s what I got from this book.  Don’t get me wrong – I would have liked the story to be longer, but it was still a good read.

Nora and Luke were both fun characters, and I was able to connect with Nora right away.  I could completely understand why she wanted to run away.  It made perfect sense.

Now Luke, it took awhile to connect with him, but once he revealed his past it made perfect sense why he was the way he was.

I really liked how this book was written in both Nora and Luke’s POVs so I was able to get to see the story from both sides.

Overall – I’d say if you’re looking for a quick fun read, then be sure to grab this one up!

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