The Pill Bugs of Time (Offbeat Crimes #2) by Angel Martinez #mm #review @AngelMartinezrr @PridePublishing

Disclaimer MaleTAGRelationship and communication issues plague Officer Vikash Soren, but those are nothing compared to facing stick-throwing tumbleweeds, pill bugs and…time travel?

Vikash Soren, the perfect police officer except for his odd paranormal ability, never seems to lose his temper. Always serene and competent, he’s taken on the role of mediator in a squad room full of misfits. But on the inside, he’s a mess. Unable to tell his police partner that he loves him, Vikash struggles silently, terrified of losing Kyle as a lover, partner and friend.

But life in the 77th Precinct doesn’t leave much room for internal reflection. A confrontation with a stick-throwing tumbleweed in Fairmount Park leads to bizarre consequences involving pill bugs, statues and…time travel? If Vikash manages to survive the week and stay in one point in time, he might be able to address normal things like relationship problems. He just needs Kyle to have a little more patience. Maybe a few centuries’ worth.

Publisher’s Note: This book has previously been released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Pride Publishing.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14A-nony-mouseTAG

In a series, especially when the characters are the same and the premise is built on a concept, you don’t know how similar or different the books will be within it. I have to say brava to Martinez for how amazingly different the books are, while still staying true to their premise.

In Pill Bugs, the story is from Kash’s point of view. He’s worried because he can’t be ‘out’, because he can’t say what he wants to say about Kyle. His worries are so dead on for so many people, and that lay at the heart of so much of his quandary the entire book. It also gave us a look into his head, of why he doesn’t talk much.

There was also the paranormal side. A monster Mama Pill Bug is placing her babies all over the place and they are sending people through time. Kash is one of them. I loved his first travel to a futuristic spot, and his time in the past was intriguing as well. Martinez painted free and open societies – and, like Kash, I kept thinking how off our society is with its judgments against gender and sexuality. (I could so love to live in the future Philadelphia with all the designations and freedoms that abounded. I would have hated the past, but then again, I’m not a fan of nature *grins*)

Another fantastic book. 5 stars.

I’ll be interested to see where Martinez takes us next!

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