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Warning: Stranger by Robin Lovett is a scorching, intense romance novel featuring an anti-hero out to get revenge against the trust-fund woman whose family destroyed his life.


This isn’t supposed to be a love story. This is not the kind of book where a girl gets swept off her feet. Where the hero is her knight in shining armor. This is a novel about ruining someone’s life. But even the simplest plans for revenge can go wrong.

I like the way he watches me, this man I don’t know. It’s something I’ll never confess to, never tell a soul. But with one look of those penetrating eyes, I feel as if he’s unwrapped me, turned me inside out, rubbed away at my trust-fund-holding, good-girl exterior until I’m raw and exposed.

He looks like he wants to destroy me. Like he wants to obliterate me and my shallow, perfect life until there’s nothing left.

And once I meet Logan, the crazy part is, I want him to.


I hate Penny Vandershall.

I hate her money and her family and her privilege. I hate her innocence and her smile and her shine. I want to annihilate her lightness and consume her with my darkness, my anger, my red-hot rage until there is nothing left of her.

I know the truth about her, the truth that will make it easy to bring her down. To ruin her for good. But through the blinding haze of my hatred, my burning need for revenge, she’s starting to get to me. She looks at me in wide-eyed fear, like a girl approaching the tiger’s cage. And yet she refuses to walk away; edging closer until she can meet the beast who wants to rip her apart.

And even though I set out to ruin her, she may be the one to destroy me.

This is a series of standalones that can be read separately or in this order:
Book 1: Stranger, a dark stalker romance
Book 2: Deceiver, a dark revenge romance
Book 3: Keeper, a dark captive romance

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Allow me to say, this book is a total mind warp.  It is fast paced and sucks you in before you really even have a chance to learn the characters names.  Penny was a mystery to me during the first few chapters, I could feel her pain she carried with her, but couldn’t really grasp her lack of care for her own life, but soon things became clear and all I can say is the author was brilliant with this plot.

Penny works at the hospital, caring for babies and their mothers.  There is a reason she picked this field, but I will let you discover it as you read.  Her father died a few weeks earlier and she can’t seem to stop the pain that tears at her every waking minute.  While she had to live and look a certain way to get her father’s attention, she was willing to do that just to be with him.  Her brother had other feelings about that man and wasn’t as torn up over his death as Penny was.

Logan wasn’t graced with money and power like Penny and her brother.  He also lost someone precious to him and now his heart is full of revenge.  The only way to work through his grief is to destroy Penny because of her father.  When he tells Penny who her father really was, that was going to crumble her, make her never want to live again, but things don’t always work out like you planned.

I am so thankful this is a series because there is no way I can be done with the saga of Logan and Penny in one book. The author gives you plenty of information to make a prediction of what is going to happen but every time you realize you just wasted your precious minutes trying to figure those two out when you could have been absorbing their tainted lives and truths.  I am not sure where we are heading in the next books but I know it is a ride I wouldn’t miss.  If you love dark, twisted books, that will leave you speed reading, this is the one for you.

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