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Danielle Dulac has just been sacked after spurning her employer’s lecherous advances. Penniless and without references, she is desperate to acquire the position of governess at Esterly House on the bleak Yorkshire moors. When the mail coach slides into a ditch in the middle of a blizzard, she is forced to seek shelter at the nearest house, Blackmoor Hall.
But visitors are not welcome at Blackmoor Hall and she gets sent to the stables to shelter from the storm. She is jerked out of sound slumber by a snow-blasted horse bursting into the stall, practically trampling her beneath his slashing hooves.
Anthony Markham, the Duke of Blackmoor, has just returned home after six months of dissolute living in London. He is surly, sarcastic, enigmatic, and hostile. And the most sensuous man Danielle has ever met. The attraction between them is instantaneous, combustible…and forbidden. Though a descendant of French nobility, Danielle is still a mere governess and Anthony Markham is a Duke.
When the position at Esterly House falls through, she has nowhere to go and faces a bleak future. To her shock, it’s Anthony Markham who comes to her rescue, offering her a position as governess to his four-year-old son, Geoffrey. Against her better judgment, she accepts.
She soon discovers that the Master of Blackmoor is haunted by a dark and tragic past filled with lies, betrayal and death. Unfortunately, the past is not over. Evil stalks Blackmoor Hall. The danger is escalating and all the clues point to the Duke himself.
As the passion between Anthony and Danielle rages out of control, so does the peril they face. Will they solve this mystery in time? Or will it wind up destroying them both?
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I’ve read a few of Shelton’s books in the past, but this one was so different from those, it was crazy!

With that being said, I did still enjoy this book. I loved the historic aspect of the story, the mystery, drama, suspense.  All of it was done so well that I was drawn into the story and didn’t want it to end.

Anthony and Danielle were both great characters. Danielle had no fear – she was willing to do whatever she had to to ensure that Geoffrey was taken care of.  And she didn’t care who she upset by doing that.  Anthony on the other hand – while he tried to appear very mean and hateful, he still ended up showing his softer side with her.  And then later with Geoffrey.

I don’t want to give too much away from the story so I will just end it with this – if you enjoy historical reads that have mystery, suspense and some smutty times, then be sure to grab this book!

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