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Disclaimer MaleTAGIt’s day one of Darren Corliss’s career as a detective, and not only has he been assigned a notoriously difficult partner, but the guy might also be a pill-popping dirty cop. Internal Affairs needs proof, and Darren gets to be their eyes and ears whether he wants to or not.

Detective Andreas Ruffner doesn’t play by the rules, and he doesn’t play well with others. With bodies piling up and a list of suspects who are way above his pay grade, the last thing he needs is a wet-behind-the-ears kid for a partner. Or babysitter. Not even if that partner is easy on the eyes.

As Darren gains Andreas’s hard-won trust, they both realize there’s more than just mutual suspicion simmering beneath the surface. But their investigation is heating up as quickly as their relationship, and Darren has no choice but to go along with Andreas’s unorthodox—and borderline unethical—methods. As IA puts the squeeze on Darren to give up the man he’s falling for, he has to wonder—is Andreas the only cop left in this town who isn’t dirty? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14April's Showering Words

I never thought about the reasons someone in the police department might not follow the rules.  Always thinking that the cop must be dirty.  However this book made me realize that there could be other reasons for such things.  As I was soon to learn wanting a bit of privacy can make you look guilty for a number of reasons.

Andreas is a jerk, no way around it. Hard on partners and everyone in general.  He is a good cop working for the benefit of the public.  He comes across as rude, impatient, and a smart alec.  He is exactly that, yet he works tirelessly to get the scum off the street before someone ends up dead.

Darren is a newly minted detective,  but not new to police work.  He comes from a family that helps the public in different roles.  So when he is matched up with Andreas he is determined to work both professional and respectfully with this man.  Never in his mind did he think he could be attracted to the man.

So when things heat up between the new partners they are slow to step into a relationship off hours as well as partners on the job.  The co-dependency begins to mature off course something must go wrong.  As our main characters learn how to work with each other, fate must through in more obstacles to overcome.   I was surprised that this story was as detailed and realistic as it is.  Two strong-willed men, must work together or they might not live to see their commitments through.   A strong story with equally strong characters,  this book will keep you twisting trying to figure out the ending.

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