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Ceri Grenelle’s holiday trilogy, the Croft Holiday series, is now available in a convenient e-boxed set!

Trick or Treat or Kiss Me
Nettie Croft works tirelessly making sure people like and appreciate her, but her world is thrown off balance when she meets her sexy but rude new neighbor. She’s determined to get him to like her, but the more time they spend together, the more they argue. Nettie has to admit the dashing man might be the first she can’t win over, a thought she can’t get enough of, just like she can’t get enough of him.

Josh Dellinger just moved to a small Connecticut town to escape big city living and his nightmare of an ex-wife. He needs time and space to be himself, a plan that is thrown away the second he meets his determined new neighbor. She brings him cookies. No decent man can say no to a woman with cookies, especially one as gorgeous and thrilling as Nettie.

Nosy neighbors, a ridiculously sexy Zorro costume, and an old fashioned high school dance bring Josh and Nettie together, but will the shadows of Josh’s divorce and Nettie’s need for approval spook them for good, or will the romantic atmosphere of toilet papered trees and egged houses be enough to make them choose treats and kisses?

Thankful for You
David Goldberg has wanted Ophi Croft since they were first introduced at a PTA meeting. She’s smart, talented, and has two awesome kids. When he finally gets her into his bed they share a beautiful night in each other’s arms, one he thinks is the start of a new relationship. But when she bolts in the morning and doesn’t return his calls, David fears their chance has passed.

Ophi Croft thinks David is the hottest, most eligible bachelor in town, and it thrills her to no end to discover he wants her as much as she desires him. But in the harsh light of the morning after their night together her nerves take over and she hides behind the excuse of being a full time single mother to get away from him.

When David arrives unexpectedly at Ophi’s Thanksgiving dinner, she knows she messed up and decides to win him back. However an unexpected but wonderful surprise forever changes the depth and nature of their relationship. Thanksgiving is a time to recognize those you love, David and Ophi need only open their eyes to see how much they have to be thankful for.

Feast of Love
Armie Croft has just lost the last of his vision, something that proves problematic as he bangs his head against the side of the JCA public pool. Luckily, Leighanne Misra, the nighttime lifeguard, jumps in to rescue him, followed by Mitch Karmi who is in a suit and has no training when it comes to performing CPR. Soon after laughing at Mitch’s soaking wet clothes, and double checking to make sure Armie is alive and well, a steamy connection is forged between the three acquaintances.

Mitch wants to hide their ménage from the public, much to Armie and Leighanne’s dismay, but he negotiates and asks they at least have the week leading to the first night of Hanukkah to themselves. The three lovers are stronger together but sometimes you never truly appreciate what you have until you’ve lost it.

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The Croft Holiday’s Box set it a collection of three books in the author’s series. Each one is set in a small down where everyone knows everyone else and perception is everything. I found each book to be sweet, funny, and very sensual.

Trick or Treat or Kiss me focuses on people pleaser, Nettie. She wants everyone to like her and they do. Except her new neighbor, Josh. He is the first person who doesn’t immediately take to the town sweetheart and instead, butts heads with the woman everyone likes. Nettie finds this annoying….yet, intriguing.

I found the connection and tension between Josh and Nettie to be strong and powerful. Two adversaries, fighting over nothing, drawn together by the passion they each bring to the table. At first, I wanted to dislike Josh. But, his personality grew on me and definitely pushed all the right buttons for Nettie!

Thankful for you is about a couple who met in childhood and both share an attraction for the other. However, Ophi moved on with her life and had two kids while David was the town hottie. After a night together, Ophi gets cold feet and run. But, later regrets pushing David away. David has always had a thing for Ophi and was so happy to finally get her into his bed. He is heartbroken that she bolted after their night of passion.

This story was strong, powerful, and showcased the amazing connection between friends, who later become lovers. I adore stories where the couple have a long history together….whether it be as friends, ex’s, or childhood neighbors. This fit that bill and made for a wonderful story with a few twists and turns along the way.

Feast of Love, the last book in this set, focuses on a ménage that accidentally happened. While working as a lifeguard, Leighanne jumps in and rescues a man who bumped his head against the wall of the pool. Armie lost his vision while swimming and it turned into a scary situation, until the sexy lifeguard saves his life. But, she was aided by the serious Mitch. After much laughter and helping Armie, the three realize the passion, attraction, and connection they all have together. But, one of them wants to keep it hush hush while the others want to embrace their passion and don’t care who knows.

While not my favorite story of the series, I still really liked the dynamic between the three and the tension Mitch’s request to keep quiet caused. As usual, it all works out in the end, but the antics and passion make it worth sticking with the story and finishing it out.

Overall, each story is well written with fun and well developed characters and a backstory that keeps the reader interested. I enjoyed this box set and look forward to more from this author.


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