When It All Falls Down by Tanya Chris #mm #review @tanyachrs

Disclaimer MaleTAGMaybe Charlie should have waited until he graduated high school before coming out, because since that revelation there’s been a growing distance between him and his friends. Charlie’s tough, though. He doesn’t mind eating lunch alone or watching his former gang interact with their new best buddy. What he does mind is seeing Drew Lavoitt suffer the same fate.

Drew didn’t come out. As far as he, or anyone else knows, he’s straight. What Drew did is accidentally hit and kill a little girl. Now the boy who was voted Most Popular, and who Charlie has maybe had a crush on since eighth grade, faces financial ruin, expulsion, and the fear that if he’s not everything, he’s not enough.

Popularity, wealth, acclaim—these things are easily lost. In each other’s arms, Drew and Charlie find something that can’t be taken from them. Together the two build a foundation on which they can re-create their lives. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Liz Cat

When It All Comes Down by Tanya Chris is a male/male, young adult, contemporary romance. High school seniors Charlie and Andrew “Drew”, never ran in the same circle. But now that they’re both outcasts, they’re connecting on a level neither anticipated.

When It All Comes Down touched on a lot of themes. The author did a great job showcasing Drew’s fall from grace for accidentally killing a little girl. The whole town got involved in the ‘shaming’, as is want to happen in small towns. As a matter of fact, all the supporting characters, Drew’s and Charlie’s families, teachers and former friends were all portrayed realistically. The class difference between the two families was apparent, but not obnoxiously so. Charlie and Drew, however, I came away less sure of. Neither one of them resonated with me. While I could understand the motives behind their actions (such as Drew’s jealousy when Charlie was talking to the other gay kid at school), I didn’t find them likable. That being said, When It All Comes Down is a well-written book with strong supporting cast. I have no doubt other readers will feel differently about the heroes.

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