Faire Magic (The Faire Folk #5) by Madeleine Ribbon #mm #review @MuddyRibbon

Disclaimer MaleTAGAfter a stint in prison and a deal with the FBI, Perry has found his way back to the magical Renaissance Faire. He desperately needs safety that only the Faire can provide, but the magic is almost gone.

When trouble follows Perry and threatens the Faire, the only person who can wield what’s left of the Faire’s magic is Mystery, a man reincarnated from an otherworldly flying serpent.

Mystery does what he can to help out, but there’s only so much he can do when Perry’s fate–and that of the Faire itself–lies in the hands of a man Perry would rather avoid.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14A-nony-mouseTAG

In this newest book in the Faire Folk series, the Faire has problems. The magic is gone. The previous holder of the magic has ceased to exist and it now lays in the hands of Mystery, the former anai who attacked and tried to burn down the Faire a couple years ago. Not only that, but he’s looking for a human to twine with to bring back the magic… and it’s increasingly looking like Perry is his man.

One of the things I love about the way Ribbon writes characters is that even when they go through life changing things, they still are who they are. They aren’t perfect. They have grudges and those grudges stay. They accept certain things because the faire does them, but they don’t just automatically change their opinion. The faire accepts people with troubles – murderers, assassins, people who need a break from the darkness. The faire gathers them in and protects them—even when there’s no magic there to do the job.

I’ve not liked Perry in the previous books and knowing he was the main focus of this book, I was prepared for it. I still love the Faire, but I cannot hold this up and say it is my favorite. It’s not. Perry drives me nuts. That said, I enjoyed the twists and turns Mystery brought through into the story. I loved a further look at the Anai and learning just what Mystery becoming human meant for him. After so many lives, this is his grand event. And Perry? Well, it explains where he’s headed as well.

There were a couple sub plots that didn’t feel as though they reached a conclusion – Shepherd’s acceptance of what his aunt did, for one. I would have liked to see him accept it and realize that was why Perry was who he was.

Once again, I’m excited to see who her next book is about. Vasily? Keegan? Spear? Someone new? I’m hoping, since one bad guy was defeated here, that the next book won’t deal with as much anger and ruthlessness as this one did, but even If it does, I have the feeling I’ll like it all the same. I’m a fan of the Faire. Who couldn’t be? It’s a place where even those nobody else wants, can find a home and a purpose.

I want to live at the Faire. I’m still trying to figure out why there weren’t a huge line of people who wanted the job Perry finally took. I would have been 😀


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