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Destiny rewards those who embrace it.

Chris and his alien soul matches, Lasar and Nary, are ready to deepen their new bond as mates. It’s also time for Chris to begin his training as a Nasha, or sub, and for Nary to embrace his new role as Ahna, or Dom, to Chris. As three in the soul match, they are unique. Not only have Alasharians never matched with a human, they’ve never matched as three.

What makes them special also puts them in danger. The Supreme Healer warned Chris that many changes were ahead, ones even more startling than the original invasion. They must keep their match a secret until they know who they can trust.

As Ahna to both Nary and Chris, Lasar carries the responsibility of protecting his mates. A proud Alasharian warrior and commander, he’ll stop at nothing to keep them safe and to help Chris find his missing mother and sisters. To make sure that Chris’ cousin Morgan isn’t returned to the slave cages, he’s also arranged for a fellow commander to take Morgan into his care when he returns from battle.

Lasar and Nary are invited to a pleasure party by the Alasharian’s leader, the Nall, and are forced to bring Chris and Morgan. But a terrifying turn of events sets in motion what might be the beginning of the end for them all, unless they can resist the void.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14April's Showering Words

This is book two in the Soul Match series.  It is best to read them in order so that you understand the story line and the characters.

Chris is gradually coming to understand his new life with both his mates.  He struggles with controlling himself and his reactions to extreme situations.   Trouble is building all around there mating and Chris is having visions and dreams that scare and frustrate him.

Nary is starting to settle in to his new role Ahna to Chris.  They are learning together, which builds there bond and brings them closer together.  Lasar is so proud of his two Nasha’s, they are all well matched.  When the dreams cause Chris to panic it’s the Ahna’s job is to calm him.  When danger finds them, it’s Lasar’s job to protect them as much as he can.

I was really impressed with book 2 and how the flow of the characters seems so strong.  The emotions draw you in and make you hold your breath, waiting to find out the outcome.  A wonderful story.

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