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Lane, a newborn vampire, still feels the pain of betrayal. Two years ago, a faithless boyfriend took his life, and now, Lane’s Maker has also left him behind. The pain of separation burns strong when all Lane wants are arms to hold him and enough warm blood to satisfy his voracious appetite. At a shifter party, Lane is drawn to a hunky Alpha werewolf who tries to console him.

Parker is more than a thoughtless hookup. Since his family disowned him for finding boys just as hot as girls, all he wants is someone to love and look after. The sweet little vamp calls to his protective instincts, but he sure is jumpy. Cuddling with boys is new and delicious, but when this boy also wants him as a food source, things get complicated.

Vampires and shifters aren’t supposed to get along, and Parker’s rough dominance triggers bad memories for Lane. But Parker’s wolf wants Lane, and he knows he can give Lane what he needs. Can Lane learn to navigate his past and give the thing growing between them a chance? Or will the very real possibilities of heartache, abandonment, and even death, keep them apart?

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When I think of vampires I picture beautiful and cold, little real emotion other then the need to feed.  Just like when I think of Alpha’s, they are big, beautiful and entirely to possessive to be able to understand that not everything revolves around them.

This story comes out of left field, were a vampire can be overly emotional and an alpha can have moments were they appear almost meek.  When a newby vamp and a lone wolf meet and they are perfect for one another.  If only everyone would stay out of their relationship.  Both will have things to overcome, but a mate is a mate.

What makes me love this story is that you get an idea how they each see the same event in two completely different ways.  Lane is still new of a vampire to be on his own, yet all he feels for most of the elders is anger and pain. Parker is an alpha with no pack, just friends and a sexy vampire.  Lane is learning what all teenagers learn, how to be sufficient but also how to deal with all his emotions that threaten to overcome him.  Parker is attracted immediately to Lane, yet he must deal with his own emotions plus the overflow from his partner.   This story will make you remember what is was like to be young and in love.

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