Soul Bound: The Warrior by Jas T. Ward #mf #review @JasTWard


Jace Camden is haunted by his past. One that has many believing he got away with murder. He’s run from it, trying to start over in a new town. But his past hasn’t let him escape and it’s determined that his future will not be a long one.
Death will demand its due.
And his dead wife will make sure that debt is paid in full.

Kitt Thomas’ life is in a rut, but that changed when she looked into the sad, haunted, eyes of Jace Camden. Something about his wounded soul called to her–like a whisper of a melody in a mysterious abyss she should have the sense to ignore.
But his past will make sure Kitt is no more part of Jace’s future than life is.

Because he’s soul bound.
And that’s a shackle that can only be broken by death.

It’s Not About the Happily Ever After…
It’s About Surviving the Read

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Jace Camden is haunted by his past and by haunted I don’t mean just some bad memories, I mean memories so powerful they feel as if the dead is manifesting into solid form and coming back to mess with him physically, mentally and emotionally. Now turn on the lights or read this book while it is day time and make sure the temperature in your house is nice and warm so you don’t confuse that chilly feeling with something sinister lurking in your room, something dead and cold trying to grip onto your soul.


Poor Jace Camden hasn’t led the most idyllic of lives. His father abandoned his mother while she was pregnant, his mother was placed into a mental institution, he has been seeing weird things all his life, he was ushered around foster homes, and his wife Laura, his only ray of sunshine took her own life in front of him. Initially Jace was the main suspect for his wife’s death and everyone blamed him for the loss until the courts found him not guilty but not after putting him through living hell. Despite being cleared of the charges, Laura’s family is convinced Jace killed her. They are on a mission using all their resources and connections to ruin Jace’s life and force him to admit it was his fault. Laura also seems convinced that Jace is the reason she died and she too wants revenge. Well, at least the thing that looks like Laura who keeps haunting his dreams and physically attacking him. Jace isn’t sure if what is happening to him is real or all in his mind.


It wouldn’t be far fetched for a guy who has endured so much pain in his life to start manifesting things that aren’t real. Perhaps he has gone insane or maybe there is something much more to him. Maybe something is creeping out of the cold after all of us, something that has been the very cause of all the pain in his life. Maybe it is time he accepted that everything happening to him is part of some greater destiny where he is meant to become something powerful that humanity desperately needs.


Jas T Ward never lets her readers down.  She always delivers a beautifully written story that is full of emotion, depth and excitement. Every time you jump into one of her books you know you are going to be taken on a wild ride and you know you are going to fall in love with a few of the characters. I really liked Jace but more than anything I adored Kitt and their friends, Zane and Skylar. The lengths they were willing to go through to protect him and fight for him were both heart wrenching and heart warming. I really liked the premise of this book and can’t wait for more Soul Warrior stories. I hope Jace is able to find some inner peace as he works toward becoming the warrior he is meant to be. I look forward to some future ass kicking scenes while Jace and his friends make sure souls are being protected from the evil lurking about.

By the way did the temperature just drop in here?
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