Once Upon a Summer Night (Mists of Fate #3) by Nancy Scanlon #mf #review @NancyScanlon1

As one of the O’Rourke time-traveling Protectors, Colin O’Rourke is destined for one woman only. His instinct tells him he’s found her when she wanders into his cousin’s garden, but she’s as enigmatic as she is charming. He vows to find her, but first, he has to deal with his professional life. He’s about to take his matchmaking business overseas, but a prominent gossip columnist publishes a slanderous article about is company, threatening their success before they even open their doors. The columnist agrees to retract her article…if he can successfully match her stubbornly-single niece.

Eleanor Carberry is content with her life as a London bookshop owner. She has everything she needs―books, tea, and an aunt who is more like a mother. With all her aunt has done for her, when she asks Ellie to try out an American matchmaking company, Ellie reluctantly agrees.

When Colin and Ellie meet, they immediately recognize each other―Ellie as his soul mate, and Colin as the man from the garden. Colin’s bound by contract to find Ellie an Englishman…and if he doesn’t, he’ll lose the business he’s worked so hard to grow. Despite the distance he tries to keep between them, Fate has other plans when Ellie takes an unexpected trip back in time…once upon a summer night.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14A-nony-mouseTAG

I love time-travel romances so when saw this one, I jumped on it. Unfortunately, this is book #3 of a series and I was instantly lost. The author, I think, tried to explain things but it was done in such a way that there were two HUGE info dumps in the first few chapters. So much, that my brain went dead and I swore I got a headache from the sheer amount of information. If I had started at book one, I (hope) wouldn’t have been as lost, but the info dumps still would have been too much. (The leads are different in each book, but there is a tremendous amount of information that ties the books together.)

The characters were a bit too angsty for my tastes. Colin, especially. She’s meant for me, but I won’t tie her to me. I got tired of hearing that really quickly.

Now, that said, I did think the romance between Colin and Ellie was cute. From that first moment they met in the garden to when she went to the states with him, to when they (finally) went back through time. All great parts of a time-travel romance.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough depth in the writing for me. Many times the dialogue came across as young adult rather than adult. Sometimes there were so many characters that I would get lost as to who they were.

When mixed in with several huge grammatical errors, I couldn’t give the book more than 3 stars.

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