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Macayla Burkett is no ordinary private eye. She’s a pet detective, dedicated to tracking down missing dogs and cats. When two famous racing greyhounds disappear and turn up dead, Macayla finds herself in the midst of a much more serious case. And when the thieves target her and threaten her life, she realizes she’s in grave danger—until a ridiculously handsome stranger enters the picture …

Oliver Kelly may look like a male stripper, but his muscles aren’t just for show. The gorgeous Australian is co-owner of a K-9 Search and Rescue service dedicated to saving those in danger. When he and his K-9 partner, an Australian shepherd named Jackeroo, rescue the fiery detective from trouble, the sparks begin to fly. And when they join forces to stop a widespread case of animal theft, it unleashes a torrent of passion that’s impossible to tame…

Don’t miss Physical Forces, a K-9 Rescue novel from D. D. Ayres!

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Mac is a PI with a specialty in finding lost pets. She doesn’t like to be the hero, even though she is. When sexy Aussie Oliver sees her and thinks she is a homeless person looking for food, he can’t help but fall of her when he realizes she is a normal woman who loves animals almost as much as he does. The chemistry and dynamic between the two is off the charts HOT and the banter between them is just as good!

I’ve been a HUGE fan of the author’s K-9 Rescue series and this story did not let me down. It’s full of suspense, humor, love, sex, and a few characters from the previous books. The deep feelings Oliver has for Mac not only overwhelm him, but they surprise him, too. Mac tries to keep her cool and keep him at arm’s length, but he won her heart the instant he entered her world and there was no turning back for the couple.

As always, the star of the story was Oliver’s K-9 rescue dog, Jackeroo. The pup plays an integral part in the story and stole the show more than a few times. I LOVE seeing the dogs have such an important part in the story!!

Overall, this is a GREAT read and addition to the series and I hope there are more to come!

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