Obsession (Bayfront Billionaires #4) by Calista Fox #mf #review @CalistaFoxBooks @SMPRomance

100 Shades of Sin…

Delicious and hot, the seductive Bayfront Billionaires need one thing, and one thing only: the woman made for them, the one woman on earth who can complete their trio of passion and desire.

When Roxy Shea arrived in Bayfront, she had no idea she would instantly attract the attention of two of the town’s sexiest and most eligible bachelors. She doesn’t want anything to do with them—with a dangerous past in her rearview mirror, a new relationship would be disastrous. But with every smoldering gaze and unspoken promise of pleasure, these billionaire bad boys are determined to make her theirs, to claim her body and soul.

Nick Faulkner and Hunter Valens are forces in their respective entertainment industries, but a past conflict has put a strain on their lifelong friendship—and vying for the mysterious Roxy’s affection doesn’t help matters. Until their craving for her leads to an explosive night with for threesome. But can they show Roxy that she can trust the men responsible for the sizzling pleasure she finds with them—and that their love is soul-deep?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Tbird_s ThoughtsTAG

Roxy Shea moved to a rich, small community to escape her nightmare life she had with wealthy fiancé.  What she found was a new set of friends, beautiful beaches and a savings account that is about to bottom up, but being broke would be better than being in danger.  Being an artist, she is trying to start a career at Bayfront, with art classes and community service to help the women’s shelter, but during a benefit, she comes face to face with not only her future but a life style she never thought she would fit in……. a ménage. Now she must figure out if she can leave the baggage of the past behind her and trust that she has finally reached the freedom she longs for to give her heart to another man, or two men.

Hunter and Nick have been friends forever, but a tragic night shook both to their cores.  One threw himself into his work as a film maker, while the other ran off for three years, claiming he was writing his next best seller.  Nick didn’t understand why Hunter ran, but he missed his best friend.    When the wayward friend returns, it didn’t take long for the friendship to pick up where it left off including the secret of why Hunter ran away. What they didn’t plan on was both falling for the same woman, Roxy.

I was torn on how to rate this book.  I absolutely LOVED the plot and while that is a great bonus when it comes to reading, this is one of those rare cases that a great plot really hurt my view of the book.  If an author is going to write a quick paced book, this means important facts and expanded scenes are going to be eliminated, so don’t do that to a fantastic plot that could have been expanded by another hundred or so pages.  I didn’t buy Hunters excuse for leaving, but if given more time in the book, I have a feeling I would have not only fully understood, I would have feel some emotions about it.  When Nick finally broke down and told Roxy about his past, I would have been a sobbing mess, had the author allowed that scene to be expanded instead of him telling it in a news report manner.

The ending, was so rushed, I didn’t even have feelings about it and there is a part of the conclusion that I rolled my eyes at the change of personality in a character.  With the writing style and talent of the author, the fantastic plot that offered so many emotional avenues for the reader, I was sadden and angry that it was cut short and rushed, just to make it a quick read.  Sometimes quality like this is worth taking the extra few hours to read a book.

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