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Disclaimer MaleTAGελπίδα. Elpída. Greek. Meaning hope
Hope. v. /ˈhōp/
to want something to happen or be true and
think that it could happen or be true

Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime.~Herbert Ward

Michael and Christy attended prom, graduated high school, and Michael leads the USATF tryouts. With Oxford University on the horizon, his future looks bright, and he believes life has returned to normal after Christy’s rescue. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Christy has been free from a life of slavery for more than a year and has made remarkable progress due in no small part to the love he found with Michael. But the recent prosecution of a past abuser has shattered the life he so painstakingly built out of nothing but a mountain of horror. He now faces the daunting task of building a new life—yet again.

Twelve-year-old Thimi has been missing since Christy left Greece and, unbeknownst to everyone, has hidden out in a vacant mansion in Glyfada. Learning of Christy’s survival is the only thing that brings him out of hiding. People, open spaces, even the most common of sounds frighten him beyond reason. A mere ghost of a boy, Thimi arrives in the US with no knowledge of the outside world—the only constant in his life a purple marble.

Lost, shattered, and afraid, only hope gives them the strength and courage they need to begin anew.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14

I couldn’t wait to get this last installment of the Elpida series so I could return to Michael and Christy’s world. They’re just so damn irresistible. I was hoping for a story that really concluded their journey together and showed the start of Thimi’s recovery. Christy’s needs were subsumed by the arrival of Thimi, and not just in the way I thought they would be.

Christy’s recovery and his relationship with Michael take a backseat as Christy struggles with the rules and what Thimi needs. We get some answers to questions from past stories, like what is really the truth between Christy and Sophia and if Michael is Olympics bound. But the connection he and Christy share, the way Michael encourages Christy to be who he wants to me… that’s all gone. We don’t get a single sparkly barrette and I really missed that part of Christy.

I did enjoy watching Christy learn how to put some of the lessons he struggled with, and continues to struggle with, in perspective as he teaches Thimi that his old life is truly over. Boundaries, basic human rights, safety. Christy has learned these are his, and Thimi is on his way, but it’s not easy and there are a lot of stumbling blocks, some that the characters might not recover from.

Elpida holds up to the emotional drama of the first two books in the series, but I just felt like the conclusion of the story fell short. There’s more to know, more to learn. Michael and Christy are happy for now, but forever? Thimi is reaching out, but what about Zero? Do they fit together? I enjoyed Elpida, but I really hope that C. Kennedy plans to write more because I’d love to read it.

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