Lime Gelatin and Other Monsters (Offbeat Crimes #1) by Angel Martinez #mm #review @AngelMartinezrr @PridePublishing


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Book 1 in the Offbeat Crimes series

Kyle Monroe, his irritating new partner and their fellow freaks at the 77th Precinct must learn to work together to stop a vicious murderer that might not even be human.

Kyle Monroe’s encounter with a strange, gelatinous creature in an alley leaves him scarred and forever changed, revealing odd abilities he wishes he didn’t have and earning him reassignment to a precinct where all the cops have defective paranormal abilities.

Just as he’s starting to adjust to his fellow misfit squad mates, Kyle’s new partner arrives. Tall, physically perfect, reserved and claiming he has no broken psychic talents, Vikash Soren irritates Kyle in every way. But as much as he’d like to hate Vikash, Kyle finds himself oddly drawn to him, their non-abilities meshing in unexpected ways. If they can learn to work together, they might be able to stop the mysterious killer who has been leaving mutilated bodies along the banks of the Schuylkill.


I do enjoy a good paranormal story and I love an offbeat sense of humor. What better place to find it than in the series Offbeat Crimes.

I loved this book. I loved the precinct of paranormal cops that weren’t quite right. Who’s the oddest one? You tell me. A parrot who draws and shouts out vile phrases, a ghost who makes really bad coffee, a vampire who drinks skim blood, a paranormal who can make fire… unless it’s cold, rainy, or humid, or a teleporter who can only teleport fruit. Or how about their lieutenant who has to perform rites to keep a god at bay? And, in amongst them all is Kyle, who a month ago got sucked on by a lime gelatin monster and is now one of them… sort of.

Kyle had a great sense of humor, wonderfully dry. I loved it when he and Kash got into talking about Pern – took me back. I loved the Pern books. Wait, but I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about Kyle the power enhancer (or sucker –depending on who he’s dealing with) and Kash, who should never get angry as the results are quite explosive.

One of my favorite thing is it took several chapters before Kyle and Vash got into bed. I practically cheered!

5 stars and I’m off to read the next one because Offbeat Crimes is awesome.

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