Keepers (The Mentalist Series, #3) by Kenechi Udogu #mf #review @kenechiudogu

The dust appears to have settled after the brief descent of the Progressive Empaths on Sandes. But, if there is any truth to Anthony’s story, Gemma and her friends know they might soon have to face the mysterious Keepers. Myth or real threat, one thing is certain; running is no longer an option, for any of them. Can Gemma protect the ones she loves without forming an unlikely alliance?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14tbird - sarah - tag

The story starts off on a bus ride to a field trip, Gemma and Russ were getting asked if they were an official thing or not. Gemma actually told their friends what would get them off their back because they had to be careful about their connection. Everything seemed normal until the bus began to turn over. Gemma’s abilities might have saved the day, but what did it do to her in the process? Then Russ wakes up in the hospital to find out that Gemma is missing, and no one knows where she could’ve gone.

This is by far, my favorite book when it came to character development. After two books that included Russ, I finally felt like I understood him as a character. The story was split into both Gemma’s and Russ’s point of view, which I would’ve liked in the other books. Russ finally felt like a real character. Everyone had a distinct personality and the book actually had really good drama compared to the other books. I kept wanting to read to see what will happen next in the story.

Though I felt I got lost in the middle of the book. There was a more supernatural element to the book, though there was still a clear romantic element to the plot. The only thing that really bugged me was the ending. I personally just didn’t feel satisfied with the very end of the book. There is really nothing more I can say without spoiling the ending.

I really feel like the author should do more stories with these characters. In the end, I feel like people who have read the other books will love this book and people who like more supernatural element will enjoy the story as well.

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