Canine Cupids (Canine Cupids) by Deirdre O’Dare #mm #review @loveunleashed

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Includes Maltese Terror (re-release), Rescued by Love (re-release), and New Leash on Life (new)

Loners Caleb, Justin, and Garrett are each caught up in too many daily problems simply trying to survive and overcome past sorrows.

Although they are tired of one-night stands and short-term romances, they secretly long for the perfect partners to share their lives. When fate brings Nick, Barry and Dan into their worlds, each of them fights the sudden pangs of lust and desire. They cannot help but fear the differences will be too great for a real bond to form and dread the pain sure to come when things do not work out.

It takes some clever canines to recognize their masters belong together. With a wide range of tricks and treats, several dogs work sly magic to bring their beloved humans together. When a Canine Cupid goes to work, there is no telling where those arrows will fly!addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14April's Showering Words

This book made me laugh, and smile throughout it.

True love is the theme and who knows love better than our favorite dogs.  As I read  I kept thinking of the almost human responses that smart canines can be.  When I saw how little attention each human was giving to a love interest it made me think hmm what would my babies (dogs) do?

There are three different stories that each bring a lot of love to the pages.  When life hands you too much reach for a loving dog to bring your spirits up.   I loved this book and so will any animal lover.

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