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Disclaimer MaleTAGEight stories of men who like a little satin and lace.

A Linebacker in Lace by Caitlin Ricci
This ex-linebacker is impossible for his friend to resist.

Satin Secrets by CL Mustafic
Sometimes secrets are better when they’re shared.

Backwards and in High Heels by Elizabeth Coldwell
Tonight he has the chance to live out his dream.

Angels in Delaware by Sita Bethel
When one finds two partners, it helps to dress for the occasion.

All That Entails by E.M. Hamill
A gender-fluid prince with a penchant for gowns finds his unlikely match in an arranged marriage.

After the Dance by Sydney Blackburn
Sometimes happily ever after requires a pretty frock.

A Secret Shared by C.A. Blocke
One sweet secret shared—and a spicy one returned.

Ruffle My Feathers by Asta Idonea
Sometimes love can be found behind a feather boa. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14

A Linebacker in Lace by Caitlin Ricci: 5 Stars

“I’ll lace up your corsets too if you want to try any on.” YES! I love the image this line in the story evokes, especially when Arliss suggests ex-football player Brent wears it under a Cardinals jersey. The scene in the changing room is not to be missed. The juxtaposition of lace and manly man is one of my favorite aspects of this kink, and A Linebacker in Lace hit the spot and started off the anthology at 5 stars for me.

Satin Secrets by CL Mustafic: 3 Stars

Like a bit of danger with your kink? In Satin Secrets, Dr. Gavin Addison gets home and decides to get into something comfortable while he’s all alone. Gavin’s boyfriend, Lex, and Lex’s mom, Jean, aren’t home yet and the weather’s getting worse. When Gavin opens the door… well, it’s not who he expects and the reader is taken on a dangerous thrill ride. For all the epithets to keep the “mystery” going, I knew what the conclusion would reveal, so while I liked the story, I wouldn’t give it more than 3 stars.

Backwards and in High Heels by Elizabeth Coldwell: 4 Stars

In Backwards and in High Heels the love of satin and lace is taken a step further. Billie’s lover, Oliver, has been gone a long time. He’s been missing him, and plans a very special surprise. Billie and Oliver have a spectacular evening in what turned out to be a lovely 4 star read!

Angels in Delaware by Sita Bethel: 5 Stars

Who doesn’t love a two for one special? Not this reader! Angel’s in Delaware… and who’s in Beau? Well… you have to read this short, but amazingly erotic, story to find out what the threesome gets up to, but I promise you’ll enjoy it. 5 stars!

All That Entails by E.M. Hamill: 4 Stars

This story takes you to a time long past, but reminds readers that the troubles LGBT people face today are not new. E.M. Hamill does a great job of bringing the period to life, and I almost see the clothes in front me, they were described so beautifully. While this style of story is not my favorite, I can’t deny that once I connected with the characters, I really enjoyed it. 4 stars.

After the Dance by Sydney Blackburn: 3 Stars

Shades of Cinderella is what struck me when I read After the Dance by Sydney Blackburn. Set in another era, one of airships and classes separate the men from the gentlemen, this story had enough original elements to make it interesting, but I had a hard time sinking into the story or the romance. It’s a good story, and a solid 3 stars, but probably my least favorite of the anthology.

A Secret Shared by C.A. Blocke: 5 Stars

From the first sentence, I was hoping for a fantasy story full of beasts and battle… but alas, it was just a game of Dungeon & Dragons. Or is it? There’s more to Tommy and Michael’s relationship, just like there was to the story. This story felt very real to me because not everything was perfect, but the characters were perfect for each other. 5 stars!

Ruffle My Feathers by Asta Idonea: 4 Stars

The title of this story, Ruffle My Feathers, fits it perfectly. Barrett the builder has a secret, and big one, who goes by the name of Miss James. She’s only ready for the stage when she has her feather boa. But his boss walks into the club and the secret is revealed… I really liked this 4 star conclusion to the Beneath the Layers anthology because it really drove home that there are always things you don’t know about other people.

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