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I spent the week at Romantic Times convention, RT, and all I can say is, that was crazy. Time works differently at conferences and at RT, time is really warped.

There is so much to do at RT. The first day, Monday, there aren’t a lot of people there. There are people and there are activities and tours, but it’s not packed. On Tuesday it gets a little bit busier. Tuesday evening features two parties, Cinema Craptastic and the YA Spooky Slumber party. Both are awesome. Even if they change events on Tuesday night, they will put something awesome in the spots.

On Wednesday the track of classes and events starts. There are book signings, popup signings, promo lane, and much much more. Choosing what session you want to go to is nearly impossible.

Thursday has more of the same. There are so many wonderful event throughout the day. There were craft sessions and then fun sessions for the readers. Games and signings and models aplenty.

By Friday, I was on overload. I think it was one of the best days. Watch for spotlights each day. Every publisher has loads of books to giveaway. You get to meet so many wonderful people at RT. It’s always inspiring.

Things to watch for

Exhaustion. Every day is long and filled with so much more than you can actually do. The days start early with a fun and energetic workout session and go to the late nights with parties.

The Bar Scene—There are so many people at the bar. It’s packed and crazy and you have the opportunity to meet so many authors, models, and friends. Getting a beverage may be crazy, but there are plenty of people to talk to.

Overload—Every RT conference is packed full of information. I love it. I do find that some days are just too much and I have to go back to my room and sit in silence.

Food—Make sure to eat. The sessions run long and some days and it’s easy to forget to eat.

RT is a wonderful conference for readers and authors. You can make it whatever you want. Late night partiers say up until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. That’s too late for me. Early morning people are up for coffee, hanging out and chatting with each other.

If you end up at RT Reno in 2018, let’s hang out.

Excerpt from Do I Belong

“Your parents were okay with that?” Dianna, my oldest sister asked. Dianna always followed the rules. She was the type of person rules were made for. When my parents set our summer bedtime at nine-fifteen, Dianna was in bed at nine ten, asleep by nine-fifteen, and she wouldn’t get up or read under the covers like I did.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t they be?” Todd responded. I hadn’t heard what they’d been discussing to make my sister question him. I’d been listening, but they’d turned away from me and begun talking quietly. I would have to move closer.

“My parents would throw a fit,” Dianna said, her voice going low at the end of her sentence. They were talking about something Dianna knew was wrong; I could almost guarantee it.

Excitement slid through me. I wanted to know what Dianna thought was wrong. I tossed the leaf I’d been inspecting to the ground and moved closer to them. My sister looked up, guilt shining in her eyes.

“Jason, how long have you been standing there?” Her words were flung across the lawn like I’d done something wrong, and maybe I had. Perhaps my sister hadn’t realized I’d been tucked away behind the tree.

“Not long.”

“Go away, you’re too young.” Her eyelids narrowed, and her lips thinned. She was angry and hiding something big.

I didn’t want to leave. Todd was too intriguing. My gaze slid over to his, and I saw a little smirk on his lips. Dianna looked more annoyed than I’d ever seen her before, and Todd was about to start laughing. Realization struck and my heart surged, causing heat to fill my face. She didn’t know.

A few weeks ago, my parents decided it was time for someone to court my sister; however, no one was good enough by their standards. The guys were all too secular, and Christianity was key where my parents were concerned. This made sense now—the random invite to someone who wasn’t from our church. Todd was around my sister’s age, maybe a year older. He would be leaving for college in a few months and then he would have a job. My parents could push her off on Todd and they would be done having to care for her. But Todd wasn’t who they thought he was. He was like me.

My gaze stayed on Todd as I realized he knew the same thing about me as I knew about him. The guy was dangerous, because he’d seen through the lies I’d built over the years, looking into my soul and knowing everything I’d been hiding. Todd knew I was gay even before I really admitted it to myself. I’d guessed at it before, but always pushed the thought away when it came up, but with Todd staring right through me, I couldn’t hide the truth.

I took off, running through the small outcropping of trees to the other side of the field behind our house. The sound of Todd’s laughter mocked me. If I’d been braver, I would have stood up to him and Dianna, but I wasn’t brave at all.

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Sara York bio

Sara York writes passionate stories full of real life and real people. She lives in the south with her family and dogs. Her blood type is Coffee+ and her muse is the beach. Sara hopes you enjoy the stories she’s created. For more information on Sara York visit her website at http://sarayork.com