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When grief-stricken scientist Sir Edward Fitzwilliam provokes public scorn by defending a sham spiritualist, he’s forced to retreat to Porthkennack to lick his wounds. Ward’s reputation is in tatters, but he’s determined to continue the work he began after the death of his beloved brother.

In Porthkennack, Ward meets Nicholas Hearn, land steward to the Roscarrock family. Ward becomes convinced that Nick, whose Romany mother was reportedly clairvoyant, is the perfect man to assist with his work. But Nick—who has reason to distrust the whims of wealthy men—is loath to agree. Until Fate steps in to lend a hand.

Despite Nick’s misgivings, he discovers that Ward is not the high-handed aristocrat he first thought. And when passion ignites between them, Nick learns there’s much more to love than the rushed, clandestine encounters he’s used to. Nevertheless, Nick’s sure that wealthy, educated Ward will never see him as an equal.

A storm is gathering, but with Nick’s self-doubts and Ward’s growing obsession, the fragile bond between the two men may not be strong enough to withstand it.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Double TimeTAGA-nony-mouseTAG

A Gathering Storm was an intriguing book. Edward Fitzwilliam had an experience that changed him forever – he saw his twin brother moments after he died half a world away. Nicholas Hearn’s life has taught him one thing – that he’s nothing but a gypsy’s bastard and worthless to the men and women around him.

Both men have unresolved issues and they are both looking for something, though they aren’t necessarily willing to admit, even to themselves, what that is.

Each chapter starts with a piece of Ward’s journals, giving us a taste of his past. Usually jumping from 1st person narrative to 3rd person is jarring – Chambers did it perfectly.

The main problem for me was that the book was too slow. The part that bothers me most of all was I’m not even sure why it was so slow. The details were wonderful and I loved the looks into both men’s lives. However, I could only read it in small amounts as if I tried to read it in longer stretches, my mind wandered.

That said, the book picked up steam after their trip to Truro and the latter part sped by. My main fault with the book was the explanations at the end of how the contract made Ward Nick’s tenant. That part was never fully explained and I’m still scratching my head at it. Since Ward owns his land, why is he Nick’s tenant and has to pay him rent?

I liked the book, but it was a slow read. It gave me a taste of Porthkennack and now I’m intrigued enough to want to read another book in the multi-author series.

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What a great tale about two people that have lost great loves of their lives. And are not able to move past that.

One devoted the rest of his life to science to find a way to reach his loved one again, while the other stayed close to the land and home he only knew and his only link to her.  Together, they try and figure out how to move past all that and see if they can learn to love again.

This story is so fascinating, between being on the edge of discovery through science as well as self-discovery. We find a tale of two men, Ward, a gentleman by birth, and Nicholas, a man of questionable birth has been brought together because of Ward’s experiments. But are sticking it out for much better reasons.

As the story unfolds we find out a lot about Nicholas’s past, his heritage, but I was disappointed that really the only thing we find out about Ward is his brother.  That felt very one sided. When clearly this was a story with two very story MC’s. Other than that, it was a page turning tale from start to the perfect HEA at the end.

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