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Disclaimer MaleTAGMost people think riot squad officer Taylor Jameson is an asshole. Little do they know his apparent indifference stems from having a meddlesome family always butting into his business. And little does Taylor know he’s about to stumble into a situation that’ll make indifference impossible.

When everything goes horribly wrong at a political rally on a harbour ferry, Taylor encounters Sietta Salisbury. The son of a wealthy politician, Sietta is a revered—but presumed dead—musician, and an enigma who is so strange, Taylor is compelled to look into his background. What he discovers draws him into a bizarre mess of prisoners, politics, and attempted murder that makes him realise what he’s been missing.

Falling in love isn’t hard. Trying to convince someone else you’re worth loving despite your crazy family and the people trying to kill you? That’s a whole other can of worms. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Liz Cat

Fishy Riot by Lindsey Black is a male/male romantic suspense novel. Riot squad officer Taylor Jameson has a reputation for stoicism, which is often mistaken for jerkiness. Sietta Salisbury is the gay son of a conservative politician. Both of these men have crazy, controlling families. But their experiences are very different. Taylor is drawn to Sietta in a way he hadn’t experienced before, and it just might be enough for him to risk it all.

Fishy Riot was amazing. Firstly, I love books about identical twins, and Taylor and Clay are my favorite kind – opposite personalities, but close as could be. All the supporting characters were rich and deep in a way that made me want to hear all their stories. I also adored Taylor and Sietta together. It always fascinates me to watch couples bring out the best in each other without trying to change each other. After all of Sietta’s trauma, he needed a safe shelter and Taylor provided that.

Fishy Riot is a funny, emotional, heartwarming story of love and family – and all that comes with it. I highly recommend.

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