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There’s only one place to go for a guaranteed happily ever after.

Caldren has been looking forward to having his own Faeted match for a long time. It’s what all the brownies do, and Faeted has always taken good care of them. As a brownie, he’s a gentle person who just wants to help his mate out and keep things clean. He likes honey, books and a tidy house.

He’s surprised when his mate turns out to be a dragon, at least according to Faeted. They’re aggressive and powerful, so Caldren doesn’t think he would be a good match for someone like that, but his kind have always trusted Faeted to do what is best for them.

Bannock is a scary dragon, just as Caldren expected him to be. But he’s also fair and firm. He appreciates what Caldren is and what he needs. It isn’t long before Caldren realizes that sometimes a little brownie needs a dragon to be whole.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Double TimeTAGA-nony-mouseTAG

Faeted stories are very short – less than 30 minute reads. I loved the first one – Joshua. Adrian, book 2 was okay. I would put Caldren somewhere in the middle between the two.

Caldren is a brownie and his kind go to the Faeted Matchmaking company when they reach the age of adulthood to find their mate. He’s a pleaser, like all brownies –I loved that through his inner dialogue we saw who he was as an individual.

Bannock, his mate, is a dragon, which scares Caldren, but once he sees Bannock and Bannock shows him who he is, his new mate might not be so scary after all.

I was left wanting more. I would have loved to ‘see’ the scene the story was headed toward but the tale ended before it happened.

April's Showering Words

A short and sweet story about how differences can make the world around you that much better.  Dragons are always portrayed as big, rough, and short tempered. This time he is an alpha in every way, yet he still can be gentle and patient with his new mate.   Brownies are shy and just want to please everyone around them.  It doesn’t seem like they would be a good pair, but the blend beautifully.  A wonderful mix of dominant and submissive to make a full filled relationship and mating.

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