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Frozen then awakened after a thousand years—Kell is unprepared for modern life. Allie is only supposed to help him adjust. But some things, like falling in love, never change.

The attraction between them is sudden and strong. Then Allie discovers what the army really wants to do with Kell, and suddenly time is running out. In the middle of the Arctic Circle, surrounded by hundreds of miles of snow and ice, it’s now up to Kell to use his skills of survival to save them both, and to acknowledge the love growing between them.

Tracker and bounty hunter Bruce Steele is hired to find Kell and Allie. He’s never failed. But this time, fate plays a vicious trick on him, and after an accident, he awakens in the far future on a space station with two slight problems—a raging hard-on and an android with nuclear sex-appeal. But the bigger problems—there’s no need for a tracker on a space station, and the android he’s come to love is slated for demolition. But no problem is too big for Steele. Determined to carve a place for himself in the ultra-technical world of the future, he’s decided to save his adorable, pedantic android…and find a place for both of them in a world he doesn’t understand.

Publisher’s Note: This book has previously been released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Totally Bound Publishing.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14rachelle-tag

I have to admit when I selected this book to read I expected it be a sci-fi romance. The cover and the blurb does elude to that but it isn’t quite correct. This is two distinct stories and in both, Kell and Steele are trackers, and their stories are loosely tied together.


In the first story, in present day Allie is Canadian and approached by an agent (Mr. Smith) of the secret alphabet type from the US government. She’s an expert in ancient and dead languages and they need her help. With what they won’t divulge until she signs non-disclosure agreements. The found an iceman and have accidentally reanimated it. He’s going to be waking up in days and they need here there to communicate with him… in Alaska.


This first story I really liked and the reason why I have this story 4 stars. It was funny in spots and when it turned serious it felt natural. I appreciated the obvious knowledge on surviving in an artic environment. Kell’s reactions to today’s technology was believable and I winced for him with every new revelation. Those two parts of the story sucked me in. The romance was pretty much insta-love but I felt that with what the story was, the quickness fit. I really liked both Allie and Kell as individuals so I rooted for their escape.


That being said, I was disappointed in the portrayal of US military personnel. In general, every single American was shown to be of dubious character and morals, from allowing and watching Allie to being raped and then offering to comfort Allie with sex later to the scientists who were more interested in cutting someone up than speaking to them. Plus, they had a secret facility that everyone knew about and basically was a joke among the Canadians. Which I get. I know there has to be a nemesis of some kind but the all around portrayal of the US… well, it was obvious that Americans weren’t liked. Don’t get me wrong there were good people in this first part of the book but they were all Canadian. Normally, I don’t keep track of the nationality of the evil organizations but this one had obvious lines drawn and it actually caught my attention while reading and brought me out of the story. Regardless of this, I did like the story because of Allie and Kell.


The 2nd story was about the tracker hired to find Allie and Kell. Steele was the best at what he did: finding people. When he was hired for an exorbitant amount of money, he had little reservation and quickly realized that he hadn’t been given all the information on his quarry. He took time to do some information gathering of his own. His love story didn’t actually start until he died while on the search. He demise was the same as Kell’s and six thousand years into the future he was found and revived. This romance was more erotica than erotic romance. Lots of sex and very little plot and world building, which was quite disappointing considering how fleshed out the first story was. Steele quickly fell for F-69 (not kidding) with no real reason. The ending to this story gave Steele a “I’m on top of the world” HEA which fell flat for me. This story felt rushed and incomplete.


All in all, I really liked Allie and Kell’s story and the reason why I gave the book 4 stars. In my opinion, it could have easily stood on its own. I wish the second story was more than a sex romp in space but I’m sure there are readers who will love that part.

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