Inhabiting the Night by Carolina Valdez #mm #review @loveunleashed

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LAPD Detective Trent Edwards’ twin brother disappears without a trace. While on medical leave for a work injury, Trent hunts for him, renting a house in the mountains near the only reported sighting of his twin. Martin Longhouse, who owns the local fitness center, takes Trent under his wing and introduces him to townspeople who might have seen the missing man. Soon, their attraction to each other flares into lust, and they come together in hot, passionate encounters that quickly settle into something deeper.

But Trent doesn’t know Martin has a secret, nor does he know exactly who lives in Little Grizzly Lake. Or who–and what–inhabits the woods at night.

When the secrets unravel, Trent discovers his rational cop’s mind has a choice–let go of his love for Martin, or open himself up to other realities, other possibilities for his life.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Double TimeTAGA-nony-mouseTAG

Inhabiting the Night was a disappointment. I love shifters and mysteries and while this book had both, they were overcome with sex that never quite seemed to belong where it was put.

Hoda is a tiger shifter and one night while in his tiger form, he sees a bunch of men beating on an unconscious man and about to rape him. He saves the man and takes him to his house to recover. On the way, he has to rest a few times and curls around the man to give him his warmth – and to have sexual thoughts that didn’t quite fit the narrative. In fact, those thoughts in that particular moment made him a bit creepy.

Then we have Trent who wakes up in a place he doesn’t know. He’s been drugged and beaten up and the first thing that happens when he spots Hoda is he begins to get turned on. That was too unbelievable for me.

When they finally did have sex the descriptions were confusing.

The sad part is that the continual sexual narrative from each of them getting turned on by looking at the other overshadowed the interesting storyline about Trent searching for his twin. That plot was interesting and it wasn’t until about 80% of the way through that I figured out what happened to Paul – which is good for me. I’m usually one to spot the truth within the first 25% of the book.

Overall, I don’t get how the two main characters could say they loved one another as their relationship and attraction felt and came across as purely sexual. And yet, the ending was quite satisfying. I loved what happened to Paul.

The book needed to describe how vampires could fly because that made no sense to me. Vampires don’t have wings (unless they turn into bats but that was never mentioned).

There were a few times where the wrong character’s name was used. When Trent was talking about his brother Paul, he kept referring to him as Trent.

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This story had a lot of potential, yet it seemed to me that it needed more work to fill it out.  The story about the twins is great.  I loved that part, was well thought out and the characters were very real.

Where this falls apart is the romantic part of the story.  Our main characters are really good, but the whole sexual issue is not thought out very well.  When and how the relationship moves forward makes no real sence.  The timing is off and just doesn’t make me feel like it could happen the way we are lead to believe.

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