Pentimento Blues (Bellingham Mysteries, #6) by Nicole Kimberling #mm #review @loveunleashed

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The Final Mystery.

Now that small-town reporter Peter Fontaine has gotten hitched to the man of his dreams, he thinks his days of solving crimes were over. But after a decades-old secret is revealed, a dead body is found and Peter’s husband Nick is at the top of the suspect list. Peter must harness his power of ultimate nosiness to find one last killer.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14A-nony-mouseTAG

Pentimento Blues is the 6th book in the Bellingham Mystery books. This book was good, though it felt too rushed for me.

Peter’s ramblings, which I adored in the last book where he’d create stories in his head, were mostly absent. He had one very long one in his head when he got drunk, but otherwise, they weren’t there. The quirky people of Bellingham were missing for the most part. Evangeline popped up in a phone conversation once, but that was the only one of Peter’s friends that we saw or heard from.

The murder felt a bit odd. Especially since one naturally felt for the murderer and hated the murder victim. And while Peter tends to do stupid things, what he did when he knew who the murderer was and the fact that if he continued, he would possibly be next, felt wrong. While Peter Fontaine has always been a bit reckless, it’s been more due to not suspecting that anything bad would happen. Here, he knew what could happen if he continued. And yet he continued.

The ending felt like an ending. I hope it isn’t. I truly enjoyed the Bellingham Mysteries, adored Peter and Nick, The Hamster, all the quirky residents of Bellingham, and the unusual relatives that came to visit. And I loved the descriptions of Bellingham and the countryside around it. After reading the series, one has to wonder, why wouldn’t you go visit, if not move to, the City of Subdued Excitement?

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