The Worst Werewolf (The Immutable Moon #1) by Jacqueline Rohrbach #mm #review @ninestarpress

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The werewolf said, “Race you to the road.” It was the last thing Tovin heard before his life became uncomfortably complex.

Before that night in the forest, Tovin was the type of guy to play it safe. Happy wearing the same shoes, buying the same deodorant, and eating the same meals day after day, he thought his simple existence was pretty great. At least until his boyfriend dumps him for being boring. Heartbroken but on a mission of vengeance, Tovin decides to start a new life filled with excitement, danger, and maybe a meal from a questionable food truck.

A date with Garvey would start it all. Handsome, sophisticated, the man is everything Tovin thinks he needs. It’s a pity he turns out to be a werewolf on a mission to save his pack from destruction.

Now Tovin is caught up in Garvey’s world.

Abducted and forced to be the bloodservant of a powerful Alpha, he lands right in the middle of a brewing conflict that threatens to destroy humanity.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14April's Showering Words

This story started off really slow, but once it got going it was well written and extremely addicting.   It seems to me that there are three different parts of this story.

I thought that this story would be between the two main characters, however I was surprised when the whole story seems to shift and family members are fighting for power and control.  Here I was thinking this story was about something else.

My heart breaks as I read along.  There is so much pain and betrayal and very little happiness.  Just when I think it’s going to get better the scene shifts to something altogether different.  The characters are back to the main characters and the feel I had for the book is thrown off again.

This is a story that will keep you guessing until the last page.  It is part one in the series and ends in a cliffhanger.   If you enjoy great twist and turns well written characters and a great story this is the book for you.

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