Mercy by Lindsay Marie Miller #mf #review @Lindsay_MMiller

Nineteen-year-old Anna James is an Ex-President’s daughter with a bounty on her head. A sudden thirst for teenage rebellion lands her in a crowded night club, where she locks eyes with a beautiful stranger across the room.

Ten years her senior, elusive and brooding Julian rescues Anna and then whisks her away to an undisclosed location in the wilderness. But Julian is like a force of nature—cold as ice one minute, warm and tender the next. Frightened and distressed, Anna is reluctant to trust her hero.

Especially when she discovers that Julian is the man hired to kill her. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Tbird_s ThoughtsTAG

Mercy is a book that gets an A plus in a few areas with me. When an author can suck me into the story so deep that I feel the confusion of the characters and have the same internal begging for the truth that the characters have, I consider that a great thing. My next high score goes to a book that can keep me invested to the point I rush to do my daily work so I can get back to the story and find out what happens next. The author achieved both of those with this plot.

Anna is a 19-year-old girl that has been sheltered from life because she is the daughter of a former President. Even now, that her father is no longer in office, she must hide her identity while out because of the risks that still hang over the family. Her roommate has finally forced Anna to put her money where her mouth is and go to a bar to experience the life she had only heard about.

Unfortunately, her first time out drinking and being a young adult could be her last. She finds herself being mesmerized by the sexy Julian on the dance floor, moving and swaying in his arms, when she sees her roommate being dragged into the back of the bar by the bartender. She breaks away and runs after her not realizing the new knight in shining armor is following her to help, or so she thought.

Later that night she wakes up to find herself in a filthy room, with a man threatening to kill her, but Julian, the same man she was dancing with comes in and says he will do the job and end Anna’s life.

From this point on, you will find a roller coaster ride of a life time. Is Julian the good guy or the bad person, he rescued her from that room but did he take her elsewhere to kill her later? Are his feelings for her real or is he tricking her? You are also trying to make sense out her emotions to Julian. Anna, with a naïve and young heart, battles her growing feelings for this older man. If that isn’t enough……you also rack your brain trying to figure out who wants her dead and why? What is the reason for the bounty that rest heavily over her head?

I would have given this a five star but the ending was off to me, I had to really slow down my reading and try to see where the author was going with the plot, but even with that, I was not disappointed in the book and glad I spent some intriguing time with Anna and Julian. I say grab this book for a fascinating read.

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