Birds of a Feather (Bellingham Mysteries, #5) by Nicole Kimberling #mm #review @loveunleashed

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Peter Fontaine just wants to get married. He’s got a willing man, a house, a cat and the official permission of the State of Washington. Everything should be peachy, but weddings mean guests and guests bring the magic of friends and family–the enthusiastic, the vengeful and the weird.

But figuring out a seating chart that won’t result in homicide isn’t Peter’s only problem. He’s a reporter and reporters need stories. Fortunately Peter has one. When he finds a dead, dismembered bald eagle near his home, he’s on the case. As guests converge upon his home, Peter searches the county for the person responsible…addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14A-nony-mouseTAG

And once again, Nicole Kimberling hits the bullseye with Birds of a Feather, book 5 in the Bellingham Mysteries series.

Poor Peter. He’s got his hands full. He’s juggling wedding plans, trying to get last minute things done, and everything’s going crazy. Someone shoots through his fiancé’s car while they’re in it. Nick’s ex’s son is being a pain… again—or is that still? Someone is decapitating eagles. And to top it all off. He gave the wrong date for the wedding to the caterer and they have no food for the reception.

At least the eagles give him a story to work on. If his future in-laws hadn’t shown up early… not to mention Nick’s old military buddies, of which one seems awful handsy.

I loved this story. From quirky Erik – I loved that he and Peter went off on a wild crusade together. To green-haired Alec who definitely has his own way of seeing the world. To the painting Nick created. And the crime-angle was filled with all sorts of red herrings.

A perfect cozy mystery.

5 stars.

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