Vulcan (Challenged by Love, #3) by Autumn Montague #mm #review @autumnmontague1286 @loveunleashed

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Nicholas Beauregard has spent his life trying to prove that his game leg and short stature will never stand in his way. Even so, his determination has done nothing to satisfy his most secret desire. When chance sends him an invitation to the notorious Twelfth Night Revel thrown by Viscount Colvin, Nicholas accepts. Though he’s never met the man, he’s heard rumors of the viscount’s debauched masquerades. Such a bawdy event should provide an eyeful of male anatomy to ogle, and perhaps, the right man. Someone with the power to accept his submission.

Viscount Sebastian Colvin is looking forward to this year’s revel, which promises to be filled with good company, self-indulgent pleasure, and a diversion from his father’s insistence that he marry. Scandalously clad as the god Apollo, Sebastian hopes this year’s revel will also bring him someone worthy of his darkest longing. Someone who is strong enough to accept his control.

Two secrets. Two powerful desires. And one chance to form a match made by the gods. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14A-nony-mouseTAG

I have to say, I’m enjoying the Challenged by Love series so far. Caliban was good. Vulcan is Theo’s cousin’s story. This was vastly different to Caliban in that there wasn’t the danger and intrigue. In fact, it was one wonderfully teasing salacious ride from beginning to end.

Simon loves to indulge, but he’s never been able to fully do the things he wants with another man. To fully dominate, to inflict painful pleasure. But on the night of his Twelfth Night party, he just might find that chance.

Nicholas has desires that humiliate him, but he wants them more than he cares to admit. He wishes to roil in painful pleasure as he fully submits to another.

The depth from the first book in the series felt like it was missing somewhat, but I still fully enjoyed Vulcan. And plan to enjoy it again and again.

5 stars.

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