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The felines have their own BDSM club. The wolves need a place to play. Can shifters of different species play together?


Wylde KingDom, a Paranormal BDSM Romance series, intrigued me from the beginning. First off, the series concept didn’t start out as an idea –it started out because I was playing with cover concepts for nothing specific and found myself with 6 gorgeous covers with a man on the top half and an animal on the bottom. The more I looked at those covers, the more I loved them. And as I considered the shifters, I remembered the old TV show Wild Kingdom and it just kind of took off in my brain.


Hiding in plain sight, shifters have been around for as long as humans have, but they’ve learned to blend in and not be noticed. They need a way to get out their wild side. Blaise Wylde started the kink club Wylde KingDom four years ago to allow his pride a space to let out their animal a little. It’s amazing how freeing BDSM can be. Their natural predatory aura scares most humans away and they haven’t had any kind of a challenge. But the Okanogan Pack lost their wild lands and now need a place to howl. Can felines and wolves play together?


Alpha Hunter Maison’s primary focus is to keep his wolf pack healthy and happy. But with humans encroaching, they need a way to shift without getting noticed. He knows the local feline pride has found a way to temper their inner animal and asks for their help. Finding a desire to submit to the gorgeous lion shifter is unsettling. Knowing he is his mate turns his world upside down.


Blaise Wylde has worked tirelessly for his pride his entire life. As owner and creator of Wylde KingDom, a BDSM club just for feline shifters, he knows the power that BDSM can wield for their inner animal. When Hunter asks him to help the Pack learn BDSM, he agrees, especially when his inner lion is instantly interested and Hunter turns out to be submissive to him.


Someone in the Pack is unhappy about their alpha being involved with ‘a cat’ and anger quickly escalates to attacks. As Blaise fights to protect his mate, Hunter must do the same, because while he’s trying to find his attacker, someone’s after Blaise and he may already be too late to stop him.


“Why don’t you take a seat and we can discuss letting your pack into the club.”


That was so unexpected that Hunter forgot his discomfort and sat down. “You’d allow us in here? I thought we’d have to build our own.”


“You can,” Blaise said, “and you’ll want to at some point, but being a good Dom or sub takes training and much of the play truly takes work. I think you can agree that what Felix was doing would be deadly under the wrong arm. We can work something out—perhaps allow your wolves in one or two days a week—where I can have experienced Doms and subs help your people embrace their inner animal in a new way.”


That sounded good, smart, and very level headed. Hunter felt Blaise fit each of those adjectives and would have made a very good alpha. He also had the feeling he would make an intense lover. Just how high could he take Hunter?


“Of course,” Blaise said, looking at him intently, his tawny eyes boring into Hunter in a way that felt like he was baring his entire soul to the man, “you may want to try it for yourself first to be sure it works.”


That made sense, Hunter supposed. If it didn’t work for him, there would be no need to suggest it to the Pack. He wanted to find things that worked for them. If he suggested BDSM without trying it himself, he would be a sad excuse for an alpha. “So you’d train me how to do those things?” he said slowly even as he felt a modicum of disgust from his inner wolf toward handling a whip. However, being on the other side of the whip… He tensed as his shaft throbbed. Hunter needed to stop thinking about sex around Blaise. Though how he was going to do that when at a sex club, he had no idea.


A low chuckle rumbled in Blaise’s chest and bounced around the room. “Hunter, let’s be honest with one another. What we say will not leave this room. Were you so excited about the thought of whipping someone that you leaked in your pants? Or was it the thought of being tied down while someone trailed their sharp claws over your most sensitive areas and then fucked you into oblivion?”


“Oh shit.” Hunter grimaced as he commanded his body to behave itself. His inner wolf wagged his tail and gazed at Blaise intently. He can give us what we need, his wolf insisted, obviously all in with the idea of being under Blaise’s control. And Hunter didn’t doubt the man could send them to places Hunter never dreamed of. But how could he, an alpha, allow a cat to command his body?


“There’s no shame in either side,” Blaise said, his voice taking on a smooth quality that made Hunter’s toes curl. “I’m a Dom and I love using another’s body for mutual pleasure. And there’s no stronger act than to submit yourself to a Dom’s hand. It’s not weakness, Hunter. Not at all.”


It felt like a whirlwind whipped around in his head, wanting a way out and yet not finding the exit. “I’ve just become alpha,” Hunter said quietly, though he wasn’t sure if he was reminding Blaise or himself. “If anyone in the Pack thinks I’m weak in any way, I’ll never get anything done.” Not for the first time, Hunter wondered if taking over the Pack had been in his best interest. It had definitely been in the best interest of the Pack, but he was losing by a large margin. Having to appear strong all the time and having to mate with a female were two things weighing heavily on his shoulders.


Blaise made some sort of hum that sounded like a purr. “I understand the conundrum. You have to appear like the quintessential alpha or you’ll lose sight in their eyes. And until they understand BDSM and how it works, they won’t understand that submission isn’t weakness. It can, in fact, make you stronger.” He purred again. “But I think you still should see for yourself if BDSM will fulfill the animal side of you. Because if it doesn’t, then there is no reason to scare everyone by inviting your pack to a Pride BDSM club. If you were to play, even in the private rooms, while the club was open, my people might wonder and discuss it. However, if you came after hours, then they would have no idea that I took you into a private room and made you howl in absolute ecstasy for over an hour.” His lips curved into the most inviting smile Hunter had ever seen. It dripped sex. “And I will make you howl in the most delicious of ways.”




What kinds of creatures do you enjoy in your paranormal romance?


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Thianna Durston is a writer by day and supernova by night. Or at least that’s what the faeries tell her. And who is she to deny those pesky *cough* lovely little creatures?


She lives in the Pacific Northwest, though her heart belongs elsewhere. In the meantime, until she can return to the place she calls home, she happily lives in a city that still thinks it’s a small town. Thankfully, it has given her muse lots of amusing places to start a story.


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