#Spotlight: Eternity by Petra Levi #mf #teaser

The idea for Eternity came to me when I was at a writer’s conference with my mom in Nashville Tennessee, Killer Nashville specifically. Eternity is sort of a dark story and I was inspired by all the thrillers and crime books I was learning about there. I’ve always loved tragedy’s and stories that make you feel something. Jessie is kind of a jerk in the beginning, but as we follow him through the story you get to watch him grow as a character to become not so selfish as he learns how to love another person and overcome his addictions and selfish habits.


Jessie being an addict was not my original idea for the book. My initial plot was actually much different, but as I started writing the characters sort of took over for themselves, but I think that’s always the best when a story grows in its own way.


I had also gone to Boston two weeks before I started writing Eternity. I loved the city and the people there, it so unique and historic I just had to write a book based there.


I got pregnant very shortly after I started writing this story, and I was sort of going through a big part of my life filled with a lot of emotions. This book means a lot to me not only because it’s the first one I’ve written, but also because I can see myself mature through my writing as I read through it and look back. About halfway through the book I gave birth to my son and became a single mother. The story at that point gets really dark. I let a lot of my emotions out into my writing and that was a big thing that helped me through the tough time I was going through and the throes of becoming a new mother. It was very therapeutic for me, and a story came out of it that I’m really proud of.

Eternity blurb


Jessie was rough around the edges, never letting anyone in. He fought off his emotions and tucked them far away under substances meant to dull the pain…Until he met Daisy and fell so hard there was no going back. Addiction held onto Jessie tightly as he fought his way through learning how to love and overcoming the loss of this mother. But will Daisy be there for him in the end?


Jessie felt numb. Ever since he ruined his relationship with his parents, he’d developed the ability to block all emotions out. He could sit there and watch his mother cry, saying he was throwing his life away and all she wanted was for him to be successful, and then go watch TV like it was a normal Saturday afternoon.

So, that’s what he did. He picked up his guitar, took another shot, popped a Xanax, and pretended like nothing had happened.

He felt a wave of dizziness hit him hard but he grabbed onto a handrail and recomposed himself before going back out on stage.

The band continued, booming song after song ’til it was almost 11, which was still early in the night.

“All right folks, this is going to be our last song, it’s called ‘Hey Rosie’ I hope you guys enjoy it.” Jessie’s voice boomed out over the drunken crowd as they cheered when he played the first note, and he started singing.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a white sundress. It wasn’t swaying to the fast beat of the song, instead, the woman wearing the dress was sitting still in the corner at a round high-table. He turned his head to see her. Long, blonde, wavy locks flowed down her hourglass-shaped body, which shown through her dress. Her skin gleamed a sun-kissed golden tone he’d never seen, her beautiful face had perfect features that looked to be carved by angels. Her smile and eyes were delicate. Everything in the room, everything in the world, went quiet as he looked at her. It was like a magnet was pulling him towards her. He snapped back into reality when he realized he was almost drooling at the sight of her. He continued playing the song and glancing at her every few seconds.

The band played the last note and Jessie said his thanks to the crowd. He made a joke about taking some shots, then he locked eyes with the beautiful girl in the corner again. He had to know her name.